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Paige Pinion
Hello Blaine!

My name is Paige, and I am an eighth grader here at Blaine. I have been going to Blaine since kindergarten, so I am excited to be writing news and stories for our school newspaper. I think that current events in a school newspaper are very important because a lot of kids don't go looking for information like that, and having it in the newspaper will be an easy way for kids to find out what is going on currently. Although I think that current events are very important, I think that I am most interested in school news because I love my school and I always want to know or inform people about what's going on. I have a younger brother named Charlie who has also been at Blaine since kindergarten. I'm hoping that when I leave for high school I will still have time to come visit my brother and everyone at Blaine. I hope to inform you about things you care about and are interested in, in the most interesting way possible!

Paige Pinion, Journalist, Copy Editor

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