New COVID-19 Vaccine


Lola Halverson, Editor

It was a race to find a cure or even something that could combat the coronavirus. Just a few days ago the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine students came forward with a possible vaccine.

Vaccines are treatments that slightly expose you to a certain bacteria or virus so that if you get the real virus, your body will recognize it and fight it. This new vaccine is supposed to fight against a virus called SARS-CoV-2 which eventually causes the new COVID-19.

They started off testing off the vaccine of mice on a small patch of fur. Over the course of two weeks, the mice started to develop antibodies that fought against the virus. Though the long term effects haven’t been discovered, the treatment seemed to have neutralized the virus. As the researchers await the new drug approval, they estimate it will be a few months until they can start testing on humans.

Even though it shouldn’t be long for this vaccine to be approved, it’s most likely that a vaccine for COVID-19 specifically that can be offered worldwide is still years away.