Free Agent Signings this NFL offseason


Dylan Wallblom, Sports Journalist

With Coronavirus finally shutting down schools for the year, the free agent signings were also wrapping up. It was a very entertaining – how could it not be when you have three players who were part of the All-decade team.


Let the folly begin. Tom Brady, called by some the G.O.A.T, had his contract expire. Between the commercials he was filming and his social media post picture not telling you whether he was walking into Gillette stadium to continue with the Patriots, or walking out to another stadium, we were left guessing. When the rumors were finally answered where he was headed, it surprised many people, Tampa Bay Buccaneers was his new team. Brady left his dynasty with the Patriots and with his 22 years of experience in the NFL, will try to start a new superstar team.

Next, Phillip Rivers, who led the, then, San Diego Chargers, to two straight playoff entries. Now with his time running up with the Chargers, he left for the Colts to replace Andrew Luck.

Another old Charger Melvin Gordon left for the Broncos another AFC West team.

Other players that caught the interest of fans include: Todd Gurley from the L.A Rams is now on the Falcons. The Colts also got the fearsome Defensive End from the 49ers Deforest Buckner. Finally, the Dolphins signed Byron Jones the corner back.




Tom Brady one of the best players ever, will help The Buccaneers who needed a good quarterback after Jameis Winston had the most interceptions in the league last year. Although they lacked a stellar leader, the Buccaneers were still a near playoff miss and now with Brady manning the ship they should make a good run this year.

Phillip Rivers replacing Andrew Luck will be a challenge because Luck’s stats were better, but with another Pro-Bowler on defense with Deforest Buckner, the Colts will be a fearsome force.

Melvin Gordon is now on the Broncos. The Broncos had one of the biggest off seasons and with their emerging rookie quarterback, Drew Lock, the Broncos may be able to challenge the Chiefs in the AFC West. The Falcons went out and signed Dante Fowler and Todd Gurley to add to the stacked wide receiver core with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. The Falcons may not be able to go to the playoffs this year, but next year they could be tough. The Dolphins with one of the worst seasons last year will have a high draft pick this season, and adding the best cornerback in the league with Byron Jones, they may be able to get second in the AFC East where there will be no Tom Brady.


With the NFL draft approaching on April 23rd, the season will be interesting with the new free agents and the star filled rookies from the draft.