A Vaccine for Covid-19

A Vaccine for Covid-19

Alex Davis, Editor

Covid-19, an extremely dangerous corona virus, has had a big effect on the world. It has put people out of jobs that still work hard and fight to feed their families. It has caused people to get very sick and sometimes die, as well as force people to stay home and develop fear. Researchers are currently doing everything they can to help by creating a vaccine and here is how. 

Creating a vaccine is one of the most important goals and that is why about 35 companies and academic institutions are working hard on making this vaccine to help prevent people from getting sick. Nobody could have ever predicted that the next global infectious disease would be a coronavirus plus many people had never even heard of it before, but Covid-19 has made a very big global impact and stands as a huge threat. Many companies believe that they have big leads toward solving for a vaccine, however it still will take many months before it even goes into the human testing stage. Jhonson & Jhonson, a company working on the vaccine, reported to have gotten a lead in the Covid-19 vaccine and will be able to start human testing of a vaccine by September. That’s still after summer, so there’s still awhile to go. 

This corona virus has infected nearly half a million people worldwide, about 22,000 of which have died. As companies race to get a vaccine ready quickly, more and more people are being infected. However, vaccines have proved to be very effective at fighting diseases when in 1966 it destroyed polio in less than a decade. What a corona virus does, is it enters in the lung of the host and sometimes other respiratory track cells by attaching to them. After this, the RNA becomes part of the cell’s protein production machinery where it then has the ability to assemble thousands of new viruses that the host can spread. Using this information, you can stop a disease by preventing it to enter the cell. This is exactly what vaccines do by training the body to identify the disease and attack it before it gets to any cells. With these vaccines it can keep tons of people healthy and prevent further spread. 

This vaccine cannot be rushed either because if so, it could actually end up making the virus stronger! It is unfortunate that we have to wait and be patient with making the vaccine, but we need to ensure that it is effective and safe before using it and make sure that it doesn’t have any possibility of actually helping Covid-19 and making it stronger. There may be a better way to creating a vaccine than some people thought by using mRNA. In standard vaccines viral proteins are used to help immunize the host, mRNA vaccines give molecular instructions to help the body make the viral proteins itself. The reason this is so important is because it has the big advantage of being able to skip the problem of creating pure viral proteins. With this new method, a vaccine can be created faster. 

In conclusion, getting a vaccine for Covid-19 Is very important, however requires time and patience. On top of this, people need to stay healthy and safe before a vaccine is ready to prevent further spread and illness. A vaccine for covid-19 is of the highest focus of the companies working on it to help protect everyone! 



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