Day In the Life of a Quaranteen


Sydney Voorhees, Journalist

Now you may have heard of the new phrase being used for the middle and high schools kids that are having to be on lockdown, the quaranTEENs. This play on words is talking about the teenagers that are being quarantined at home. Now, from an outsiders perspective, it may not seem like such a big deal that teenagers are having to stay at home, do online school, etc. but it is for us. There hasn’t been anything similar to this situation since the Spanish flu from a couple hundred years ago. No one (alive at least) has ever gone through something like this, causing everyone to feel very unprepared and flustered. Kids are having to get their assignments online, and do zoom calls as classes. Some schools do it one way, others do it different ways. For example, some schools think of it as exactly the same as a normal class, but with zoom instead. You sign in to your first period class, it lasts the normal length of your class, you then have a short break to sign into your next class, and so on. How other schools are doing it is that they’re assigning their assignments over Schoology (or a program like it) and then having occasional zoom/microsoft teams meetings about certain topics (this is what Blaine is doing). It sounds like it would be easy because it’s optional and everything is laid out in front of you when you’re on the computer, but it’s not that easy. Some teachers do a great job of making sure you know what’s assigned, and giving good instructions. But other teachers, especially ones who don’t usually use Schoology etc. don’t always make it easy. But like I said before, no one living has ever experienced this, and even then you didn’t have online school. So not only is it challenging for students, but for teachers too.