New Dangerous TikTok Challenge


Universal Images Group via Getty

Fractured Skull, X-Ray, From The Parietal Vault To The Temporal Region, Sagittal Skull X-Ray. (Photo By BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Lola Halverson, Editor

If you are a teen, you have most likely seen a TikTok. Maybe you browsed through some popular dance ones, comedy, or even dangerous prank ones. The Skull Breaker challenge is the latest dangerous challenge on the platform and has led to various injuries. Just a couple weeks ago on February 25th, a teen from Arkansas suffered a concussion after being tricked into jumping by his friends.


The challenge consists of three people in a line, and when the person in the middle jumps, the people on the outside proceeds to kick their legs forward, resulting in an embarrassed student lying on the floor with a throbbing head. An anonymous Arkansas teen spoke out about sustaining a horrible concussion from being the victim of this prank. Other innocent teens have suffered from going unconscious, head bruises, and other head injuries.


  One mom spoke out about how her son was targeted and how she would have felt if they went through with it. She explains that her son had a brain tumor and could be in serious danger if someone decided to pull the prank on him. Looking at the challenge from a parent’s point of view would probably scare the daylight out of you, but if you are a high schooler, it is seen as cool.


In the end, it’s important to put your safety before your social status at school. Next time you see someone pulling a dangerous prank, remember that it’s not worth risking your education, safety, and mental health for it.