Safety Precautions to Avoid Infection

Here are some tips to stay healthy!


Sydney Voorhees, Journalist

Nervous about coronavirus or other viruses infecting you? Here are some steps to follow to stay safe during this pandemic.

  1. Handle and Prepare Food Safely- Food can carry germs. Wash hands, utensils, and surfaces often when preparing any food, especially raw meat. Always wash fruits and vegetables. Cook and keep foods at proper temperatures. Don’t leave food out, refrigerate foods that need to be.
  2. Wash Hands Often and Thoroughly- When washing your hands make sure to use soap and water. Layer hands with soap for 20 seconds (you could also sing happy birthday to yourself), make sure to completely cover your hands with it, then wash all of it off with clean water.
  3. Clean and Disinfect Commonly Used Surfaces- Germs can live on surfaces. Cleaning with soap and water is usually enough. However, you should disinfect your bathroom and kitchen regularly. Disinfect other areas if someone in the house is ill. You can use cleaning wipes, lysol, or any other cleaning materials recommended by professionals.
  4. Cough and Sneeze Into Your Sleeve- Studies have shown that when you cough or sneeze into your sleeve, way less germs are released into the world than when you sneeze into your hand and especially when you don’t cover it at all! Another risk of sneezing into your hand is that you use your hands to do almost anything, so if you have germs all over them, then you can be carrying viruses on your own hands.
  5. Don’t Share Personal Items- Avoid sharing personal items that can’t be disinfected, like toothbrushes and razors, or sharing towels between washes. Needles should never be shared, should only be used once, and then thrown away properly.
  6. Get Vaccinated- Vaccines can prevent many infectious diseases.  There are vaccines for children and adults designed to provide protection against many communicable diseases. There are also vaccines that are recommended to travel to certain parts of the world. Unless you are allergic to the vaccine, please stay safe and get vaccinated.
  7. Stay Home When Sick- This is an obvious one. But especially in the state this world is in right now, if you are sick, stay home! I’m sure your boss would much rather let you have a day off then contract coronavirus from you.


These are just some precautions to take to stay safe, I hope this was helpful! Stay home!


Sources: Alameda County Public Health Department