How Coronavirus Is Affecting Sports


Dylan Wallblom, Sports journalist

As you all know, Coronavirus is leaving a lasting impact on the world. The sports world is no different. There are things happening that have never happened before. One in the 81-year history of the NCAA March Madness tournament, it has never been canceled until now. The Coronavirus, and the social distancing took it down along with many other professional and youth sports. Two things, what has been changed because of the coronavirus and what is being done to help this.

The changes because of coronavirus

When the director of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, officially called it, it wasn’t the first thing he changed due to the coronavirus. The first big thing he did was to ban all fans from attending the games, before he kiboshed it. The first professional league to do it was the NBA, after the defensive player of the year, Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. The season was suspended after the warm-ups of the Jazz- Thunder game. Then, the very famous Kentucky Derby is postponed until September. The cancellations just kept raining after the Kentucky Derby, NASCAR, professional racing, suspended all activities until May. Then, the NHL, MLS, and MLB suspended everything for thirty days. A big hit to the MLB for canceling the rest of Spring Training and the first month in the real season. Finally, the most recent postponement is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this very important event will be moved as late as the end of summer 2021. But it’s not only pro sports that are getting canned. All the Little League and other youth sports such as select baseball, soccer, and if it’s still going, recreation and select basketball. All the kids that have their last shot at the Little League baseball World Series, won’t have a chance. The problem with all the sports is that no one knows what will happen, so it’s all a guessing game to see when.

What is being done?

As much as this is a problem, there is a silver lining. In fact just like how the people in San Fransisco are able to see much of the skyline without the constant pollution, the pro sports players are donating amounts of money that only they can give. For the case of Zion Williamson, he is covering the salary’s of all the Smoothie King workers for a month, Giannis Antetokounmpo has donated 100 thousand dollars to the stadium staff, and Drew Brees gave 5 million to help with the hospitals in the New Orleans area. It’s not only players that are doing the giving, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is paying for the staff for 4 what would have been games. As you see, it isn’t only bad that the coronavirus is causing in sports, instead, its joining them together.

As you have read from this article, there is no sports to watch, but it isn’t only bad that is coming from this, people are unifying, and helping the people of their respective cities in this global pandemic.