Corona Virus- how dangerous can it be?


Alexa Hendrix, Journalist

computer created picture of Coronavirus

Everybody has been panicking about the new Coronavirus that has appeared in the news recently. Conspiracies have sparked, racism is threatening to worsen among people from China, and the world is terrified of what this new virus is capable of. But how serious is it, really? Is it worth the terror and fear that the media is creating? In this article, you’ll explore the answers to these questions and understand the method behind the madness.

What is Coronavirus? You may be thinking its one big deadly sickness, but its actually a type of virus. There are many kinds, and only a few actually cause diseases. The Wuhan Coronavirus, scientifically identified as COVID-19, has most recently sparked attention for how fast it has traveled and how many people it has infected and killed, but don’t let this scare you. If you look statistically, the Common Cold and the Flu infect and kill far more in a year than Coronavirus has. And, majority of the people that are getting this disease are commonly people with weak immune systems (Like very old or very young people) so, if you’re a normally healthy teen or adult, your risk of getting sick is very low.

In Washington, there are around 200 confirmed cases and nearly 30 deaths, and many schools have been cancelled. These cancelled schools have organized online school courses for students to have access to on any device. Though its unclear what SPS (Seattle Public Schools) will do in the case of a school suspension, school officials are trying their best to quickly find an alternative teaching method if any school happens to be closed. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of anyone in SPS having COVID-19, so things are currently continuing as normal with the exception of janitorial staff excessively cleaning high traffic areas in the school. Of course, we should always be cautious with new sicknesses, but the Coronavirus in particular is nothing to panic about. If you simply wash your hands, thoroughly cook meat and eggs, and avoid people with flu-like symptoms, you should be perfectly safe from attracting this new virus. If you would like live updates and news, click the links below.



Stay informed and stay safe!