Softball in the 2020 Olympics

It's back and better than ever!


Sydney Voorhees, Journalist

This summer the 2020 Olympics are taking place in Tokyo, Japan. This is going to be a very memorable summer Olympics because softball (and baseball) are back! These are two of the five sports making a comeback to the Olympics. This is perfect timing because of how popular softball and baseball are in Japan, they are extremely popular and a lot of great players have come from Japan in both sports. The reason for taking softball out of the Olympics is a little unclear, however different sources have stated different things, such as:

  • the USA team winning too often
  • the professional teams wouldn’t allow players to participate
  • lack of popularity and interest in the sport
  • not having enough room to maintain them

Nevertheless, it’s back! And the softball community is super excited! In the past couple years, teams have been feeling out who is going to be on their teams and having qualifying tournaments. Currently, the teams are finalizing their roster, and putting together powerful lineups to dominate in Tokyo. The tournament will have six teams, including: the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and Italy. These teams have undergone years of competition to see who qualifies for the 2020 games, and they are getting ready for some of the biggest events of their life to come.

However, there is some controversy involving if it’s safe to travel to Japan this summer. Now I’m sure all you have heard of the new Coronavirus, and people are contemplating if having so many people packed into the New National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan is going to be safe.

For more information on the olympics possibly being cancelled, use this source:

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