March Madness 2020 intro

Dylan Wallblom, Sports journalist

On March 10th, 2020, the 10 members of the NCAA board of directors will meet in New York City to cast hundreds of ballots and engage in debates to find the top 68 men’s basketball teams. This article will talk about; the top teams and a guide to picking your bracket. The official list of teams will be reported on March 15th, in a annual show called Selection Sunday. This will reveal the 2020 bracket. The bracket has 16 seeds with 4 positions for each seed. There is for different regions, West, South, East, Midwest, the only thing that the regions matter is where the games are being played.

Top Teams In Collage Basketball

This year has been a record year for upsets of top teams, more specifically, 5, #1 ranked teams have lost this year, and Duke and Kentucky both lost to completely unranked Stefan F. Austin, and Evansville respectively. Otherwise, Michigan State lost to Kentucky in their run at one seed, and Kansas lost to #18 Villinova. Another number one ranked team, Gonzaga, let their one seed slip when #2 Baylor won a big game against Kansas. Then, Baylor lost to Kansas to let their ranking go. So to end all that chaos, Kansas is #1 to end the final week of polls. Now, to talk bracket, before the conference tournaments start, here are the projected one seeds. In the west, Gonzaga, In the Midwest, Kansas, In the east, Dayton, and to round it out, Florida State or Baylor in the south. It isn’t always one seeds that are the best teams in collage basketball, in fact it only takes one great play to make a 4 seed the best team in the nation. With conference tournaments wrapping up, anything can happen in terms of the one seeds and the best teams overall.

A Guide To Bracket Picking

On March 15th, the only thing us sports lovers want is to check the final seedings of the brackets, but when you fill it out remember three things:

  1. Don’t pick with your heart. If your favorite team is a 13 seed playing against a very good 4 seed, you go with the better team.
  2. Don’t pick all favorites. Although they are the best teams on paper, once they play another good team, they might not win. Only once in the history of March Madness has all four one seeds made the Final Four.
  3. Check how the teams finished the season. Once the conference championships are over, you should check who is the hottest going into the tournament. With the best winning streak, and the best quality wins to head in to the big dance.

Now that you have a little intro to the best teams, and a little guide to bracket picking. Hopefully, your bracket doesn’t get busted like the 100 million other March Madness participants each year.





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