Brazilian Yaravirus


Hank Farvour, Journalist

Ever hear about the Coronavirus? Well, there is a new virus in town! The Brazilian Yaravirus is built of 90% of genes and genomes that have never been seen before. It’s name, Yara, comes from a water-queen in Brazilian mythology. It was found in an artificial lagoon named Lake Pampulha, in the city of Belo Horizonte. Many scientists are worried as Tech Times says, “If this virus was found in Brazil’s back yard, how many viruses in other countries are just lying within the city?” basically saying they are worried if there are other viruses hidden in other places.

Since scientists only know 10% of the virus’ genes, they cannot tell how dangerous it is, or what it does. The few things that they can tell is that it is not a giant virus, as they have 200 NM size particles while the Yaravirus has 80 NM, but they say it could be a mini-giant virus, or an evolution of a giant virus.

Some sources point to how this virus may be more dangerous than the Wuhan Coronavirus. Some sources are exaggerating how bad this virus could be, but some sources back up how it might be dangerous. The Yaravirus contains papillomaviruses, which can cause cervical cancer, which is usually harmless to humans. Christopher Buck, a 69-year-old who has taught at many universities, says that the latter could be linked to bladder cancer to people with kidney transplants.

Overall, the Yaravirus is a newfound virus which has potential to be a safe virus, which will help the environment, or a really dangerous virus that could be worse than Coronavirus.


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