Celebrating Isra Hirsi

Alex Davis, Editor

Isra Hirsi, a 16-year-old climate activist, is doing a lot for our future generations as she is doing more about these problems than a lot of other people. Not many people get a chance to appreciate what she does, but it is truly incredible and at 16 she has already made a great name and legacy for herself. Her mother is also well known as Ihan Omar and is also an inspiring political leaderIsra Hirsi’s contribution toward climate activism is very time-consuming and hard-working but she still does it in hope of accomplishment. Isra Hirsi is a high school student from Minneapolis, Minnesota and she is widely known for her involvement toward climate activism. She is co-leading the youth climate strike and talks about the importance of her leading the climate change movement, “People of color are disproportionately affected by climate change and that kind of just gets ignored. People are living with these things right now. Accessibility, when it comes to fighting for climate change, also gets ignored,” She explains during an interview, “It’s important for people to step back and realize that they’re not the only people. Environmental racism is a really big thing. The environmental movement is still predominantly white, how do we change that conversation? Having women of color leading is one way to do that.” Isra Hirsi goes to a school with 2000 people and managed to get 200 of them to come to an event. These kinds of strikes are happening all around the globe! It is important to try to get young people out to city capitals, town halls, and just getting involved in these climate strikes. The more kids the more motive there will be to help make moves toward climate change. This shows that at the age of 16 Isra Hirsi is working through and taking big steps to try to advocate for climate strikes and is very passionate toward encouraging young people and inspiring them to make a difference!