I Care About Internet Criminals Threatening Kids

Sydney Voorhees, Journalist

2/12- I care about Internet criminals threatening kids. In the upfront article, “Gamer’s Beware” the author describes how online gamer criminals are threatening and blackmailing kids. These criminals are catfishing as a friend of your friend, then making a personal connection with you. This way, they can make you trust them. These online criminals are not there to make friends with kids, they are trying to exploit kids into sending them inappropriate photos and using them as blackmail. Then if you try to get out of that situation, they threaten to post the photos or videos you sent them. A way to avoid this kind of a situation is to think before you send, ask yourself this, is this picture something I would be ok if the whole world saw? Would I mind if someone posted this? If it is, then you should be ok. But it’s also just a smart thing to do to make sure that you personally know the person before you let them follow you or chat with them. Because you never know if the person you’re talking to is actually a friend of a friend, or if they’re a child predator. Better safe than sorry.

2/24- I care about softball being added back to the 2020 Olympics. Softball used to be a very big event in the Olympics, but for a while they had removed softball for reasons I will personally never understand. However, some have said that it was due to the following reasons: the USA team won too often,