Pura Vida Bracelet Review


Lola Halverson, Editor

Are you looking for accessories that are trendy, affordable website with a variety of options? Pura Vida is an amazing option! Or is it? In this article, I will talk about the pros, cons, and whether Pura Vida bracelets meet these expectations.


First off, we are going to talk about how trendy they are. From my experience whenever I am looking for trendy jewelry I always check Pura Vida. I actually learned about Pura Vida from friends and hearing about them on Instagram. The varieties of colors, charms, and being able to adjust the bracelet so you can make it completely tailored to you! Many aesthetic people on Instagram are seen wearing these bracelets, which makes users and teens want to buy them even more. Mary S wrote, “Ahh, these bracelets are so great! My friends told me about them, and eventually, I ended up ordering some and now I wish I had ordered them sooner – they’re so fun!”. This review makes it hard to deny that the bracelets aren’t trendy.


Next, we are going to cover the price and if these bracelets are affordable. The average bracelet is six dollars, which might seem like a lot, but when you buy other bracelets they range from ten to thirty dollars depending on the quality. You also get a free sticker pack with your purchase and a booklet about how Pura Vida came to be. One downside is that you have to have a minimum of ten dollars in your cart to checkout. This means, you can’t just buy a six dollar bracelet, you either have to buy something else or not buy anything at all. Sarah F also agrees, she wrote, “The prices are a little high, but it is all worth it when your package arrives.”This proves that Pura Vida could lower their prices, but a lot of their profits go to charities.


Lastly, do the bracelets even come in a variety of colors and types? Yes! Like I said before, there are hundreds of varieties, and there is even an option to customize your bracelet. You can even buy style packs, which are 3-5 bracelets that all match with a similar theme. I love this aspect of the bracelets because you can get more bracelets for less, and you don’t have to worry about mismatching your bracelets. The customers also seem to like the customizable factor. A reviewer named Kylie T. wrote, “Always arrives in good time and I love the many different styles that I get. Make for great gifts, too!”. Kylie and many other reviewers enjoy the variety, and sometimes that is the sole reason why people buy it. 


In conclusion, I would say Pura Vida bracelets meet two and a half of the three expectations. The reason why I took away half of one of my criteria, is because the price isn’t ideal, but it isn’t as expensive as other jewelry. So if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a trendy bracelet tailored to you, this product is perfect for you.