Glossier Balm Dotcom Review


Emma Pampino, Journalist

You might have noticed that some middle school girls at Blaine are carrying around, and wearing, Glossier lip balm. This popular product comes in eight flavors. Birthday, a “scentless shimmer,” Original, “fragrance free, untinted,” Rose, “has a barely there-but pink tint,” Cherry, “has a sheer red tint,” Mint, “untinted, cool feel,” Coconut, “beachy and untinted,” Mango, “ fresh and juicy with a coral tint,” and Glossier;s newest edition, Berry. “ Luscious and jammy, with a sheer berry tint.” Each flavor comes in a cute, aesthetic, multicolor tube, that is small and easy to bring with you everywhere you go. This awesome lip balm comes in nice, satisfying flavors and colors. They aren’t too powerful or smelly on your lips. This lip balm gives your lips a smooth, slightly glossy, and confidence boosting look that will last you all day. Even Though you will love this balm so much that you will want to apply it all the time, a little bit in the morning is all you need to last you all through school. This lip balm stays on your lips if you drink water, go to lunch, or just bite your lip a little bit. Not only will this product last you through school, the tube will also last you a very long time. My guess is, many months.  Like I said above, because you need a tiny bit a day, this tube will last you, and your friends, a lifetime. On the Glossier website, they describe the Balm Dotcom as soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning. And I absolutely agree. This lip balm leaves your lips feeling as smooth as ever. After about a week of using this product, your lips will feel extremely soft, luscious and fresh. The only downside of this balm are that it is kinda expensive. For twelve bucks a pop, going to your local Bartells and buying a cheaper lip balm will definitely be less expensive. But definitely not worth it. If you go on to the Glossier website, you will see that if you buy the Balm Dotcom trio for thirty dollars, the price of each tube is down to ten dollars. So it is cheaper to buy the three pack, rather than three individual tubes for twelve dollars each. This lip balm is so popular, handy, and amazing. I highly recommend buying this product.