Glossier Boy Brow Review


Evy Peyovich, Editor

Do you have skimpy, underfilled eyebrows? Yes, Do you want a way to fill your brows without tedious penciling, awkward angles, flaking, crunchiness, or a color that doesn’t quite match? 

Glossier Boy Brow is a brow pomade modeled after old-fashioned men’s mustache wax – which sounds odd, but if you think about those on point handlebar mustache curls, how did they get it to stand up and curl over like that? The answer is a pomade much like Boy Brow. Now your eyebrows can have that great definition. If you want to color, there’s blonde, brown, or black tinted, as well as clear, which is untinted but has a similar effect. 

I’ve looked at many reviews of Boy Brow, and almost all of them rave about the amazing qualities of this product. It lifts, fills, plumps, and defines your eyebrows. Here’s a review from a beauty-centered website, Byrdie: 

In the article reviewing Boy Brow, Byrdie interviewed Emily Weiss, the founder of Glossier, about the product. Here’s an excerpt. “As Weiss noted, the tint is sheep enough that it isn’t painfully obvious and doesn’t leave a mess around hairs (the worst), but it results in a really believable wash of color.” Pretty nice, right? 

But as to any product, there is a flaw. Boy Brow is as universal as it can be, but not for everyone. Byrdie’s review recognized this, stating “That being said, it’s worth noting that the product works best on well-endowed brows. It tames and tints existing hairs, so another Byrdie editor found that it didn’t work quite as well on her sparser arches.” Glossier also realizes this, supplying another product called Brow Flick, which is a way to draw on realistic eyebrows rather than simply define which hem. Many people use Brow Flick and then Boy Brow over it, and it creates a nice effect. But Boy Brow alone is probably best for “well-endowed” (full) eyebrows. 

I use Boy Brow pretty much daily, and it really helps my eyebrows. Although I didn’t really feel the need to shape my eyebrows before I got Boy Brow, now I couldn’t imagine not doing it. But at first, when you put it on, it definitely can look a little odd- sometimes being too full, or weirdly shaped. The good news is that after about fifteen minutes it’ll smooth out and look more natural. 

The rating that I would give Boy Brow would be a 9.5/10. I really love Boy Brow, and it works really well for me, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be perfect for everyone. I recommend you try it though!! All in all, Boy Brow is a great product, worth the $16.00! I think that Boy Brow should be given a try by everyone. Even if your brows aren’t as full as Byrdie said they should be, Boy Brow is still worth a try.