The Awful Truth About World War 3 Memes

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The Awful Truth About World War 3 Memes

Lauren White, Journalist

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*Disclaimer* I will be talking about some topics that may be disturbing to some readers. I’m NOT hating on Trump I’m just stating what’s happening in the world right now.* 

Maybe you’ve heard online or in the news that the leading war general of Iran was killed by people working for Trump on January 3, 2020. Since then a leader of Iran has declared “We will have the ultimate revenge on America.” 

Kids are joking about what many adults have deemed unspeakable. The adults may think that meme-making, as we hover at the edge of disaster, displays the entitlement of the pampered, per say, children who have never had to fight for much if anything at all, much less their lives. 

 The World War III memes are about how ridiculous our problem is, thanks to our “batty” president. For example: President Trump asks his iPhone to tell him how many miles he ran today. “Okay, sending missiles to Iran today,” Siri replies. See, not funny.

The memes popped up almost instantly. World War III. The draft. In theory, the memes were humorous, but suddenly, every teenager and young adult with social media was being bombarded with plots of worldwide violence and death. My conversations with classmates were consumed with the Iran conflict. It was no longer a joke. Gen Z was getting its first taste of war.  This may be the very first thing my generation has in common with every other generation, with Gen X’s and Baby Boomers and people even older. We grew up with smartphones. Other generations did not. We never knew a time when Climate Change wasn’t in the news every day. We’ve grown up connected with an online community of people from all over the world. We’re the most ethnically diverse generation. But we have never known a time where we might live through a war. 


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