The World’s Wobbliest Bridge – Galloping Gertie

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The World’s Wobbliest Bridge – Galloping Gertie

Prita Jacobs, Journalism

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     Galloping Gertie was a long narrow suspension bridge located in Tacoma, Washington, which is why most people know it by the name, The Narrow Tacoma Bridge. The reason people started to call the bridge Galloping Gertie is because ever since it was built it would sway side to side when high winds started to blow against the bridge, they still even kept it open to the public for cars to drive on. Yes, the bridge is popular because of its movement but the main reason is because the bridge COLLAPSED during windy conditions on November 7, 1940, it was open to the public on July 1, 1940, so, it didn’t last very long, only a few months. 

There wasn’t any humans who died on the bridge when it collapsed the bridge collapsed but there was still a living creature, a cocker spaniel named Tubby was left in the back of his owners car Leonard Coatsworth, sadly he fell from the bridge as it collapsed, Tubby’s body was never found. 

The bridge was rebuilt and is still standing strong today and its even longer than the first one! The bridge, named Westbound Bridge was rebuilt with openings in the roadway to let wind through which was something the original bridge didn’t have. Just like how the original bridge had a nickname people decided to give the Westbound bridge one too, they started to call it Sturdy Gertie instead of Galloping Gertie because the bridge was built better this time and movement stopped.

Later, voters in Washington in 1998 voted for a second bridge. Construction started in 2002 and the bridge finally opened to everyone in 2007. People decided they wanted the bridge to connect to the current Westbound bridge’s traffic, and they got what they wanted. The new bridge is now called Eastbound bridge and both of the two bridges are doing great with over 90,000 cars driving over it daily.




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