Jumanji The Next Level


Amelia Redmond, Journalist

  Jumanji The Next Level Review    

*SPOILERS, if you have not seen Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle, you may be confused* 

     When Spencer goes back into the jungle, Jumanji, he is hoping that he will become Dr. Smolder Bravestone, but things didn’t go as planned for him. His friends, Martha, Fridge, and Bethany attempt to go back into the game, but the game is broken and fights back. Jumanji is different from the first time; the levels are going to be harder and there are more obstacles in the game. Can the friends find Spencer, bring him back, and finish the game? 

      Jumanji The Next Level has 71% on rotten tomatoes, and a 7/10 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Lots of reviews say that this is a very good movies for families and children to watch, and it has a little bit of adult language. Others say that this film may disappoint you at the end. Some reviews say to not take your child under 10 to this movie because they do not need to learn adult words, and, because there are adult jokes that are very inappropriate for little kids. Someone stated in their review that it wasn’t necessary for the characters to change bodies in the movie twice. 


      Some pros about Jumanji is that it is a very funny movie, it will keep you out of your seat the whole movie! This film will make you laugh and gasp, if you’re into action this is the movie for you! A pro about this movie is that it was very entertaining, you will probably never get bored in this movie! This movie is also very funny because…. Danny DeVito and Awkwafina, a hilarious comedian, is in this movie! Which makes it even better to watch! Another pro about this movie is that there was lots of action! But there was only mostly action towards the end of the movie.  


Some cons about Jumanji is that most people were disappointed about the ending, and that Dwayne Johnson didn’t do such a good job at sounding like an old man, but at least Awkwafina made it better. Some people are also disappointed about Kevin Heart and how he talked slow, and he was better when talking fast. Some also said that the beginning was kind of confusing, and later into the movie they kind of caught on. This movie was also kind of more gruesome then the last. The characters also died very soon into the movie, which was kind of weird. One person stated in their review that the second movie wasn’t really needed, and it could have been better off with only the first movie. 

      In my opinion this movie should get rated a 8/10, I would have to agree with some of the reviews, the ending did disappoint me, I thought there was going to be more, I was also kind of disappointed about the villain, it was like he was only in it for a short amount of time, but this film also had me laughing throughout the whole movie, it was very funny (even when Spencer’s dad did the smolder at the wrong time). I would say this movie is good for families with kids around 7+ because of the adult language, but other than that the movie is totally fine!  I would recommend you go see this movie, it gave me a good laugh, it was an action movie and I love action movies, so I found this film very entertaining! If you go and see this movie you will have a good laugh! I hope you enjoy the movie if you go see it, or I hope you enjoyed the movie if you already saw it!