Magnolia Magnificent Championship


Holly Hamon, Journalist

 Magnolia Magnificent Championship! 

For this season of GU12 magnolia Magnificent’s, played in the playoffs, and we made it to the championships! It took about five games and we did not lose any of the playoff’s games. I’m going to talk about, what team we played and why we are their biggest rivals. And I will also be telling you about how the game went, and what stress going through our heads. 

The Ursa Majors/ our biggest rivals 

Our rival, the Ursa Majors during the regular season where already our rivalsand we had to face them in the championships! The Ursa Majors beat us in the regular season. It was a muddy, slick, and dirty game. The championship game was a tough match, and it really made us very tired. 

How the game went 

The championship game was very stressful, it was cold, and a lot of players were out of breath. The Ursa Majors were up 2 to 1 by the second half. We scored a goal in the last 10 minutes of the game. They really wanted to win, and they took many shots on our goal. When we got the goal that tied the game, we played as hard as we could. There were about 5 minutes left and we had a few shots on their goal, but we didn’t make any goals. They kept on coming back to our side, we were down to the last minute and then we heard the whistle. Then we knew that it is going into penalty shots. 

The Penalty Shots 

We had to stay on the field because if we didn’t, we would not be one of the people who could try and make a goal. Our goalie was hurt, she had fractured her wrist, so she could not  be the goalie. Ava Christianson went in for her and she was already very stressed. Our coach had a little talk with the team, and then we went out onto the field. We numbered ourselves from 1 to 5. The captions, Ava and I went over to the referee to flip a coin to see who will shoot first. The referee flipped the coin and thUrsa Majors called tails, they went first. 

Ava stepped in goal and the other team took a shot. It soared into the back of the net. Than we took a shot at their goal and we scored a goal too. It went back and forth. My mom lost count of what the score was, but she thought that one team will start jumping and cheering all about, and she was right. It turned into 5 minutes, and then ten. It kept on going back and forth. It was so stressful. When I came to the last shot it was there shot, and if they make it, they win and if we block it, we win. She walked up to the soccer ball and the referee blew the whistle. She ran up to the ball and she kicked it hard at the goal. It soared right to Ava and she blocked the ball from going into the goal. All the team jumped up and ran over to ava with excitement in the air. Meghan Colette, and Avalon were on the sideline, and ran over to join us in victory.  

The trophy cup 

We won a trophy cup and we are announced the 2019 GU12 champions!!