Frozen II Review

Frozen II Review

Meghan Watt, Journalist

Frozen II review 

*warning this article will have some spoilers about the movie so if you intend to watch this movie you should skip the last paragraph 

As you know there are many good new movies such as Jumanji the next level and Star Wars rise of sky walker. But my favorite one is frozen II. The reason I love it so much is because it’s has so much action. In this article I will be talking about why you should see the movie, what it is rated, and the good parts of the movie. I hope you enjoy the article 

Why you should see the movie 

There are many reasons why you should see the movie frozen but here are a few. One of the reasons why you should see frozen 2 is that it is totally kid friendly. Number 2, the songs are the sing along type. Number 3, the movie is just an overall great movie. Those are my reasons why I think you should see the movie frozen II. 

What the movie is rated 

Next, I will be talking about what the movie is rated obviously there are many different opinions to what this movie is rated but I pick two sites to look at and what is think. First, I looked at rotten tomatoes and they gave frozen 2, 77% rotten tomatoes. I also looked at IMDb and they gave frozen 2, 7.2%. of course, there are many different places I could have looked at but those were the only I could find. I think that this movie should get a 60%. So, over all this movie should get 70% 

    The good parts of the movie 

Now, I will be talking about the good part of the movie. There are too many good parts of the movie so I will tell you the first few. For starters in the beginning they go back in time I just that it is a good touch to the movie, and it is very important to the movie. Next when they are getting ready to go on their adventure when they are taking roles for the trip and Olaf wearing crystals saying, “I’ll bring the snacks!” there are many more good parts of the movie so I cannot tell you all of them and if you have not seen the movie you can go see it yourself.