Tears Of A Tiger Book Review


Reese Johnson, Journalist


   Do you know those types of books that are SO intriguing yet SO devastating at the same time? If you like those types of books, then Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper is the book for you! Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper is about a basketball captain from Hazelwood High School named Robert, (also known as Rob) who also has a best friend name Andrew (also known as Andy). One day, Andy and Rob were hanging out in Andy’s car after one of their basketball games, when something traumatic occurs! Andy crashes causing the whole car to go up in flames since he was drinking while driving! Andy safely gets out of the car, but Rob’s leg gets stuck under the glove compartment causing him not able to get out of the car. Later, Rob sadly dies which is very upsetting since he was the captain of the Hazelwood Tiger’s basketball team, so everyone loved him! When Andy realized he killed his best bud, he feels SO responsible for Rob’s death!  

   For the next few months Andy feels TERRIBLE, accountable, and guilty for Rob’s sudden death! This causes Andy to start failing all his high school classes. Additionally, Andy starts getting depressed because Rob was his BEST FRIEND and now he’s dead! But not everything that happens is bad, Andy also gets “elected” the new basketball captain! But of course, Andy doesn’t feel good that he took his dead friend’s spot on the team! To make matters worse, Andy’s parents don’t even pay attention to Andy. They don’t help him with school, check in with him in the day, or basically even talk to him! If I were to be Andy, I would be sad too. With all this drama circling Andy’s life, he starts acting a little peculiar. So, his biggest form of support, Keisha, his girlfriend, soon sadly decides to break up with him. This event in the story just makes EVERYTHING worse.   

   (Spoilers) In the end of this story, Andy is SO depressed that he decides to commit suicide. In this tragic part of this book, Andy is home alone. Andy soon realizes he can steal his father’s gun … so he does just so. He successfully grabs his father’s gun and pulls the trigger back, aiming right at himself. BANG!  

   You may just be wondering what some of the pros and cons of the book are? Well, I’m going to start off with the pros since I can’t list many cons! Firstly, when I was in the middle of reading this book, I literally couldn’t put the book down because it was so good, I wanted to read the whole book in one night! Just from the description to the sadness. Another pro is, when you’re reading this short book, you feel like you’re inside the book with the characters. This story makes your heart beat so rapidly it feels like it’s going to pop out of your chest (in a good way)! The last pro I’m going to state is, this book has such a great message to tell, I feel like everyone should at least read this book for the message of it!  Now for the cons. The only con I can think of is, the end when Andy commits suicide just is SO devastating and I wish there was a better/more cheerful ending to this story since there is A LOT of depressing drama! So that concludes the pros and cons of this story! 

   Overall, I would give this book a rating of 9 out of 10 because of ALL it’s description and fascinating events that occur. I would give this book a HUGE thumbs up too! Along with my opinion, people on the website Good Reads also say, the book had them hooked in the first few pages, and over the next several it had them in tears! So, in all, people rated this book about a 8/10, which is a pretty good rating if you ask me! 

  I hope one day you get to read this AMAZING book that makes you cry, laugh, and feel so grateful about your own life! And I also hoped you enjoyed my review article!

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