Magnolia Mandrills Playoffs


Owen Willis, Journalist



It’s playoff time! The Mandrills are starting the City Tournament on December 2nd. They entered the playoffs after an undefeated season. The Mandrills have dominated most games this season, but it’s the playoffs so you never know. The Mandrills have a pretty complete game, they can push the ball forward fast on offense, but their defense and goalies can also come up big for the team. However, the Mandrills team is mainly based on the offense. With the addition of Cole Allegro and Owen Willis, the offense has been popping. Also, Owen Brustkern has had a great year creating offense. But when the Mandrills are not on offense, Zach McNaul and Alden McGrath can stop the opposing teams’ strikers. Also, the Mandrills have been improving constantly on set pieces, especially on corners. The need to work on being more aggressive and getting a head on the ball, because the people putting in the corners are placing them terrifically. But they have had many chances, and it is necessary to be able to do that, especially in the playoffs. The Mandrills’ ball movement has been good, but it needs to be better. They need to make better decisions, quicker decisions and create more through balls. They must win 4 or five games to get to the championship without losing, but if they lose they can play at most 9 games, which is one less than how many games they had in the regular season. The Mandrills are a very strong team, but you never know what could happen, it’s the playoffs!  

Game 1: Mandrills Vs Fire Cheetahs.  

Result: Mandrills 7- Fire Cheetahs 1.    Reaction: Great team game, they were able to overcome adversity when Cole Allegro fractured his wrist.  

Then I decided to interview, Owen Brustkern, who has been a quiet star for the Mandrills. 

Game 1 

Me: How did you feel overall about the teams play? 

Owen B: “I think we did ok.” 

Me: What do they need to do better to win games in the playoffs?  

Owen B: “I think we need to be faster.” 

Me: How do you feel about Cole Allegro being able to Play this Weekend? 

Owen B: “It is going to be a lot better than Coles going to play because is one of the best players” 

Me: Do you think the Offence or the Defense or the midfield need to play better in the next game and why? 

Owen B: “Midfield needs to be faster going from offense to defense and defense to offense.” 

Me: What is your prediction for the Game on Saturday? 

Owen B: “Close game win by one.” 

End of interview. 

Game 2:  

Preview: The Mandrill’s next game is against the MBL Falcons who had pulled off an upset against the Seawolves, who were a gold team. But the Falcons only beat the Fire Cheetahs 4-3. The Mandrills got Cole Allegro back because he did not need a cast, so it is a set, but they still need to make sure that he is not going to hard on his wrist. Regardless the Mandrills need to work hard.  

Reaction:  Final Score: Mandrills 4, MBL Falcons 1. Mandrills Move on to Quarter Final. The Mandrill faced probably their toughest challenge this season when they went face to face with the MBL Falcons. They were a very strong team. Their defense was able to clear the ball out often and turn it into some offensive chances. But the Mandrills were able to manage the attacks and turn them into the offense of their own. But it was only 1-0 at the half. But then the Mandrills took control, scored 3 times in the second half, and was able to pull away and take home a 4-1 win. 

Game 3:

Before this game, I interviewed Cole Allegro, the Mandrills star striker. 

Me: How do you feel about the teams play? 

Cole: I think it has been really good, and we have worked well as a team, and we have played all together and I guess that’s how we have won all of our games. 

Me: What do you think we need to do better? 

Cole: We need to play better positionally as a team, and not in our minds as a team, because on offense we always need help from the midfield, and the defense needs help from the midfield as well.  

Me: How do you feel about Zach McNaul missing the game? 

Cole: I think our defense will take a hit, but I think if we play well it will be ok. 

Me: Do you think the Offence, Defense, or midfield needs to play better in the next game? 

Cole: Midfield 

Me: What is your prediction for the game? 

I think the score is going to be 4-1, Mandrills. 


Reaction: Mandrills 7, Spitting Cobras of Doom 1.  

The Mandrills were on top of their game in lower woodland on Tuesday night as they had a very powerful team game. They started not how they usually start. In this game, they were the team that came out firing and were able to get many close chances early. Starting with shots from the top of the box from Owen Willis and crosses to Cole Allegro and into the middle of the field. Most of the first half were played down at the Cobras end as the Mandrills D, who was without Zach McNaul, were able to put the ball back int the offensive side of the field. The Mandrills also did a very good job moving the ball on the outside and give and go’s and touch passes. The Mandrills had many opportunities as stated before, and they were really on top of their game and they were wearing out the Cobras defense. The Mandrills broke the Ice when Owen Willis scored from inside the box to make 1-0. Then the half sounded soon after. Then after the Half ended and the flood gates opened. Jack Mitchel had himself a second-half hat trick. Cole Allegro continued his goal streak and then Jack Querry scored his first goal in four years because he is usually defending our goal on defense. So overall the Mandrills showed one of their best games of the season and they were able to get scoring from multiple people. 

Game 4:  

Preview: The Mandrills are facing a really tough team in the Turf Monkeys; they can clear the ball well and beat you with skill. One thing is for sure, the Mandrills will have to n top of their game to bring this one home. 

Reaction: Mandrills 1, Turf Monkeys 2, (PK). 

The Mandrills came into the game a little too confident and they weren’t playing their best game. Therefore, the Turf Monkeys took advantage, scored early in the second half to tie it, then took control in PK. This was unfortunate, and the Mandrills are hoping for redemption. 

Game #5; 

Preview: The Mandrills face a very physical, and some say their rivals, the LVR Huskies, the Mandrills are hoping to knock them out of the playoffs for the second straight year. 

Reaction: Mandrills 2, Huskies 0, 

The Mandrills knocked out the Huskies for the second straight year. They were able to get back on top of their game in the cold rain and pull through with a shutout victory. 

Game 4: 

The Championship, the Mandrills face the toughest team again in the championship. This game the Mandrills must drive and need to win this game. Everyone needs to be on top of their game and battling and playing an all-around solid team game. 

Reaction: Mandrills 3, Turf Monkeys 0.

The Mandrills brought there A game for the most important game of their season. From the kickoff, the Mandrills Pressured the Turf Monkeys endlessly off the attack. They were taking advantage of shot opportunities and were able to keep the ball out of their side of the field. The Mandrills were firing on all cylinders, and they just couldn’t get a shot to go in. But then Jack Mitchell broke the ice with a finish on a second opportunity cross. The Mandrills had a 1-0 lead. That is how the Half would end. In previous games, the Turf Monkeys would score right at the beginning of the half, but the Mandrills made sure that didn’t happen. The Mandrills kept the pressure on by shutting down there best player and scoring again. Cole Allegro passed it to Owen Willis who was at the top of the box, and he one-touched it into the corner, 2-0 Mandrills. Then to finish it off, Jack Mitchell accidentally blocked a clearing attempt by the Turf Monkey goalie, then had an easy touch in goal. That was the final, 3-0. 

It was a great way to finish a great season, I wonder what is in the future for this strong team.