3 for MVP?


Wyatt Westerlund, Journalist

Could Russell Wilson finally get a M.V.P. trophy? 


If you’re a football fan, then chances are you’ve heard off the MVP award which is given to the most valuable player, and for the last six years that award has been given to a quarterback. Russell Wilson is currently sitting on the top of all the QBs in the league. The Seattle Seahawks QB has a record of 11-3-0 which is tied for the second-best record in the NFL with three other QBs in the league including Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. However, none of these players have had a great season, except Russell Wilson. 

I personally think Russell Wilson should win the MVP award, and here’s why. Russ wrapped up the regular season having thrown 31 passing touchdowns and 5 interceptions with a passing accuracy of 66.1, were as other possible MVP candidates had far worse stats at the end of the season. Tom Brady has 24 passing TD throws, 9 picks and a pass accuracy of 60.8. Aaron Rodgers has 26 TD passes and only 4 interceptions, and a 62.0 accuracy, Drew Brees had 27 TD passes and 4 picks with a 74.3 accuracy. Another two QB’s who are in the hunt for the MVP are Jimmy Garoppolo with 27 TD passes, 13 interceptions and an accuracy of 69.1. Then who most people think will win the MVP it is Lamar Jackson, Lamar’s Record at the end of the regular season was 14-2-0 with 35 passing touchdowns, 7 Interceptions, and a completion accuracy of 64.2. Though these numbers don’t seem through the roof, it’s what he has done outside of the passing game. Lamar ran 1206 yards for 7 touchdowns, but this doesn’t seem like  MVP award stuff and that is only because he is not very dedicated to the quarterback position because the whole point of that position is throwing, so if he doesn’t win the MVP then he may win the offensive player of the year. 

If Russell Wilson does want to win then he needs to clean up a little bit. The Seahawks played the LA Rams and got completely slaughtered 28 to 12, and Russell got sacked 5 times which is horrible for his skill level. However, Lamar Jackson was sacked 6 times in a game earlier in the season but since then he was only sacked 18 more times. When I asked a football fan who was a better quarterback, he responded with “They are both great, but Russell has a small edge because he is a veteran and he knows the game a little bit better.” I agree with this because this is only Lamar’s second season and he runs the ball too much, which is not the best thing to do if you are such a young QB, but as well it is not 100% his decision that he runs the ball that much. 

Interview (N.F.L. Employee):  

Q: Who do you think will win the MVP award and who do you think some of the nominees will be? 

 A: The MVP award will definitely go to Lamar Jackson. In his second year he put together one of the best overall (throwing and running) QB performances we’ve ever seen. And on top of that, his football team had the best record in the NFL (14-2) and clinched the number one overall seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Lamar set an NFL record for most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback (passing the likes of Michael Vick and Randal Cunningham) and also set a Ravens single season record in touchdown passes (36). He also had some of the most electrifying plays from this past season. Russell Wilson, Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey are the only other players I think should deserve consideration. 

 Q: How far do you think Hawks will go in the playoffs? 

 A: I really do think the Seahawks (despite the injuries) have as good a chance as anyone to get to the Super Bowl. The worst matchup in my opinion for the Seahawks in the NFC was the Saints. With the Saints out of the picture, I think the Seahawks could beat the Packers, 49ers, or Vikings. They’ve already beat the Vikings and 49ers (5 inches away from beating the 49ers a second time). They have an 8-1 record on the road this season. I do think Green Bay is a good football team that posted a 13-3 record in the regular season. However, the Packers are very average in almost every team statistic. With that being said, it won’t be easy and the Seahawks will have their work cut out for them. 

 Q: If Russell Wilson does not win MVP do you think he will win any other awards and which ones? 

 A: Like I mentioned earlier, it’s almost a forgone conclusion that Lamar Jackson will be the MVP this season. Russell Wilson has already been named to the Pro bowl this year and was voted to the second team All-Pro squad. The only other accolade I could see him earning is Associated Press Offensive Player of the year. 

 Q: Who do you think will go to and win the Super Bowl? 

 A: I think the Seahawks have a good shot to get to the Super Bowl, however the favorites should be the Ravens and the 49ers. Beyond having some of the best records in the NFL, they seem to be the most complete teams. They are the two best rushing teams in the NFL. Both rosters are fairly healthy and filled with Pro Bowl players and All-Pro players. If I had to choose, I would pick the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. The sleeper picks are the Seahawks and Chiefs. 

 QDo you think Russell Wilson deserves MVP? 

 A: Russell Wilson absolutely deserves consideration for the MVP. He had an unbelievable season. He threw for over 4,000 yard this year with 31 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. He led the Seahawks to 11 wins in the regular season. He also led a team that lost their: starting center, starting left tackle, two starting tight ends, three running backs, and a linebacker. That doesn’t even include all the games other starters missed due to injury. However, he struggled down the stretch in December, while Lamar Jackson continued to play at a high level. 

Q: Who do you think is a better quarterback Russell or Lamar? 

 A: Both quarterbacks are phenomenal players. But it’s really disrespectful to Russell Wilson to compare the two this early in Lamar’s career. Russell Wilson had led the Seahawks to playoff appearances in seven of the eight years he’s been the starting quarterback. He is a Super Bowl Champion. He has accomplished so much in this league and it is not fair to compare him to Lamar Jackson. Lamar has only been in the league for two years. While he has had one unbelievable regular season, he has a lot more to prove before I will say he is better than Russell Wilson. 

All in all, looking at all the stats and statistics it shows that Russell Wilson has an upper hand because he knows the game better than Lamar Jackson, and there are not many other players even in the range of taking the MVP away from one of those two guys. With the poor performances of some of the other great players it takes you to believe that either one of these astonishing players could win, but it is just hard to look aside from the issue of Lamar Jackson just constantly running the football. Although Russell had started to play a little worse toward the end of the season the big deciding factor is who goes further into the playoffs.