I Care About The Wuhan Coronavirus


Evelyn Peyovich, Editor

10/30 – I care about the effects of social media trafficking and location tagging, and how it’s making beautiful places all over the world deteriorate because of all the people going to take Instagram or other social media pictures.  

This is insanely important. We need to draw attention to the impacts social media has on our climate and our environment because it’s taking a toll.  

11/15 – I care about the debate of whether or not humans should go to Mars because this decision could either cost lives or be a major benefit to scientific research. As I read in Upfront Magazine, NASA has drawn out plans for living quarters on Mars, but the debate is ongoing. I care about this because we need to make an educated decision because the outcomes are extreme – the mission fails and people die, or it is a huge success.

12/4- I care about the Impeachment Hearings for president Trump because impeachments are rare and have strong opinions on both sides. I care about this because if Donald Trump is impeached, it could have effects on the election, on his political stance, and on the other candidates’ reactions, et cetera, and could be an important part of America’s history for years to come.

1/6/2020- I care about how threats to foreign countries (especially in the Middle East and East Asia) from the United States have heightened fear of war. NBC News states that Nancy Pelosi has discussed the tensions between our president and the rulers of these countries, and she says that our country’s safety is the priority. But some theories state otherwise and say that World War III is upon us. If these theories turn out to be true, it could mean that a catastrophic disaster could occur, and I care about the effects of this topic – is it an unreasonable, fictional idea that would never actually happen? Or is it the next biggest issue that our country will face? Because if it becomes the latter, the results could be undeniably disastrous.

1/24/2020- I care about the fact that the Wuhan Coronavirus could have a major effect on overall health in major countries such as the U.S, China, Japan, and any other countries that the virus could spread to. There are thousands of cases in China and Eastern Asia, and now the virus has spread to Seattle. This is important because it has the potential to impact the health of many people – and it’s already been fatal to at least 26 people (as of today). Washington Post says, “There are more than 830 confirmed cases of infection, and at least 26 people have died. A total of 8,420 people are reported to be under observation. A young, previously healthy man died in Wuhan, raising concerns about the deadliness of the virus.” This is horrible, and more attention should be called to it.

2/12- I care about the 2020 election and the caucus voting events leading up to it. According to NBC News, Pete Buttigieg has 23 delegates, being in the lead for democratic candidates. Just behind him is Bernie Sanders, with 21 delegates. But Donald Trump has 59 delegates. All of these people dictate the future of our country. I care about it because it’s one of the most important elections with one of the most frowned upon presidents up against an undetermined candidate. It will be debated in history forever.