Area 51 Raid

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Area 51 Raid

Carson Bauman, Journalist

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It is all fun and games until you rally up a bunch of crazy people to raid a top-secret military base. 

“Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us.” Was a quote from a Facebook user named Matty Roberts, a Naruto fanatic (Naruto is a popular anime on Crunchyroll and Netflix), a vape shop worker, and a World of Warcraft.  Basically your average nerd. He says that, “He is afraid the FBI will knock on his door.” and that he will get in trouble.  

What started as a Facebook joke turned into a reality on September 20th. 

1.6 million people RSVP’d to go to the event, while 1.2 million people said they were interested in going. The meme quickly moved from Facebook, to Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, Discord and Twitter. While everyone wanted to, “See them aliens.” Some people tried to change the date of the raid and tried to take charge of it. 

 Nearly 2,000 people showed up at the raid. The crowd there spread from Youtubers to “Furries” (people who dress up in animal costumes) to weird kids selling T-shirts for gas money to a dog in a tinfoil hat. No one went inside of Area 51 (as far as I know) and it became a small music festival. Though someone was arrested, not for freeing an alien, but for urinating in public. Gas stations got festive and cars got ready with lights and disco balls. Now here’s a question…

 Do You Believe in Aliens?