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Meghan Watt, Journalist

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     You might know something called an electronic device. Well it is taking over the teen world. It is called SCREENAGERS. This is happening because people are addicted to their phones or any other electronic device. There is a documentary called “Screenagers Movie, Growing Up in the digital age.” by: Dr. Delaney Ruston. She did a health talk on Fox News and she recommend that you acknowledge the positive and set limits on technology, consider a contract,  remove the device at night, parents need to follow the rules too.

     She also said that people spend 7 or more hours on screens. They also say that some people think that, 10-year old’s, are old enough for a phone. A lot of parents are giving their kids phones at a very young age, then that makes their kids addicted most of their lives. Also, some parents are addicted to their phones too, but sometimes it is for work. So, don’t take that as an excuse to use your electronic device all the time. 

I asked some of my middle school friends with a phone what their perspective was with a phone/ electronic device.  

  1. I asked my friend Ava, and she said, “I think if you don’t let your kids have a phone, and then they see other kids with a phone it makes them sad. But when they get a phone, they get addicted. They also text all night.” 
  2. I asked my friend Lauren, and she said, “I think that having a phone is good and bad, but overall some people like having a phone.” 
  3. I asked my friend Holly, and she said, “I think that it is good and bad. Because it rottes your brain but, it is good for emergencies.  

I asked some adults with phones what their perspective was with a phone/ electronic device. 

  1. I asked my teacher Ms. Boswell, and she said, “I think monitored screen time is okay but, people don’t need to get cellphones till they are in high school. 
  2. I asked Mr. Anderson, and he said “I think that phones are good, but they are designed to be addictive, so kids need to be educated on how to use them appropriately. 


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