Girls Varsity’s First Soccer Game


Willa Tyler, Journalist

        Did you see the varsity girls dominate their first soccer game? They played against Hazel Wolf middle school on Saturday morning located at Eagle Staff field. The girls were all hyped to begin and in the end were pleased on how they played. 

When the first half started, Blaine had the kickoff. Within the first couple of minutes we got a shot on goal and scored! Blaine made a powerful cross and fired the ball into the net with astonishing power. The stands cheered and the ball was soon kicked off from the opposing team. The ball was sharply passed from one player to another, Hazel Wolf fiercely intercepted the ball and quickly moved the ball down field, Blaine’s defense shot into action and booted the ball back up towards Hazel Wolfs goal. Our offense trapped the ball first touch and sprinted with the ball ready to take a shot, the goalie reflected the ball of her hands and Blaine shot again with remarkable accuracy and scored another well-earned goal. Blaine soon realized Hazel Wolf’s goalie was not very prepared, so they took it to their advantage. Nearing the end of the first half both teams were working their hardest and trying to get a goal. Blaine made a crisp pass to their outer left midfield player, she shot the ball down field following close behind it, once at the corner with two defenders on her back she made an outstanding cross to our offense and shot the ball… The goalie dove for the ball and missed it, meanwhile the crowd was screaming SHOOT!  The ball pounced into the goal and everybody rooting for Blaine roared. 

The second half had just begun and for the first 15 minutes of the half nothing seemed to happen. Suddenly Blaine scored another two powerful goals that stunned the audience. Soon after the second half ended with the final score of 5-0. Blaine did their annual cheer and then they gave the other team high fives while telling them good job and good game.