First Ever PLL Championship


Owen Willis, Journalist

Last weekend the PLL took to the field for the last time of its inaugural season for the Championship between Whipsnakes LC and Redwoods LC. Talin Energy Stadium, which is home to Philadelphia United, was packed with lacrosse fans from all over Pennsylvania. There was tents, games and BBQ’s outside, and a high-intensity game inside. 

Both the Whipsnakes and the Redwoods were coming off wins over the Chaos lacrosse club and were looking to build off it in the championship. 5 minutes in, Matt Kavanaugh of Redwoods opened the scoring which a far side shot of Whipsnakes goalie Kyle Bernlohr. The Whipsnakes had a great answer but going on a 5-0 run, including a goal from Drew Snider, a native Seattleite. Then right before halftime Redwoods fired a shot from midfield and it deflected off a Whipsnake defender and went in! It was 5-2 at halftime. It took some time, but with 8:26 go in the 3rd quarter, the Whipsnakes opened the scoring to go up by 4. Then with 7:44 to go, John Haus finished off his hat trick to make it 7-2. Then the Whipsnakes fired off a two-point goal to make it 9-2 before the Redwoods would send any answer. The Redwoods needed more out of their core and needed more scoring however way they could, with a crease dive. Then right before the quarter ended, Sergio Perkovic scored a two-point shot to make it 9-6 Whipsnakes. Then in the fourth quarter 5 minutes in, there was the hardest fought ground ball battle you will ever see, then right out of the ground ball, the Redwoods scored on the doorstep. Then with a minute and a half left veteran Joe Walters sniped home a goal to put the Redwoods up by one. It was an amazing comeback from the Redwoods, but I wasn’t over yet. With 21 seconds left, league MVP Matt Rambo tied up the game to send it to overtime. The PLL had seen a lot of intense overtime in its inaugural season, and there were a lot of hard-fought ones like this. Then with 11:32 to go in overtime, Matt Rambo got topside on Redwood’s defender Matt Landis and ripped one far side on rookie of the year goalie Tim Troutner to give the Whipsnakes the first-ever PLL crown. 

They all rushed the field and crowded together as a team, then the coach of the Whipsnakes got a Gatorade shower. Then they all gathered on a podium and accepted the FIRST EVER PLL crown. This game will go down in history in the PLL. Can’t wait until next year, GO PLL!