Magnolia Boys All Star Team



Dylan Wallblom, Sports Journalist


On a day where the hall of famer Wade Boggs was born, the Magnolia 12’s All Star team traveled to Everett to play in the first out of three practice tournaments. Teams from all over the Pacific Northwest drove to Everett to play in this tournament. Already the 10’s team, and the 11’s team played in the same tournament. For the 12’s team, most of the players had not won a game in their All-Star career, they were determined to change that.  

The first game of the day was against the Longshots. The Longshots got shut down one, two, three, in the first. In the bottom of the first, the inning was sparked by doubles Dylan Wallblom, George Hurley, and Jonathan Kidane. This promoted the lead to a lopsided, 4-0 lead In the first inning. Unfortunately in the top of the second the shutout ended when the Longshots hit a really deep Home Run to make the game 4-1. The Magnolia Bats kept rolling, and the Magnolia pitching was able to surrender just one more run. The game ended in a mercy, 12-2 Magnolia winning. For the next game the Magnolia team had to wait another four hours until they had the chance to play again. This time was spent sliding down a hill, playing catch, and eating. The next two hours were spent chilling out and watching the younger Magnolia team play. Finally, after a four hour wait, we had the chance to play again. We were playing against Run B.M.C This game looked like it was going to be a little harder. For them, they had a nasty curveball pitcher, and us, our hardest thrower.  

The Game was scoreless going into the top of the 5th inning. In the 5th we scored on a 1 out single by Dylan Wallblom, and a rocket up the middle hit by Dom Federico scoring another run. The inning ended and Magnolia had the lead 2-0. For them they hit as well, piecing together hits to move each other around the bases. The inning was highlighted by a stolen base that the runner hurdled the tag set by George, our short stop. We moved into the 6th inning losing 4-2. We had our bottom third of the order up and I was sort of worried, that our winning streak would end at one game. To my surprise our inning started by a walk, and a one hop to the fence off the bat of Owen Livingston. We had runners on second and third with no outs! Our nine hitter struck out, so we had one out with runners on second and third. To my dismay, our one hitter hit into a double play to end the game. This ended the game but not necessarily the tournament for us.  

The next day on our first game we mercied North Central Seattle 14-4. Our second game of the day was a double header against a Portland team. This game started by a three inning shutout by Dylan and a 3 inning shutout by the Portland pitcher. The game kept scoreless until the bottom of the 5th inning when Sven Swanson singled Bennett Klien home to make the game 1-0 going into the top of the 6th inning. Portland scored on a one out two run home run that cleared the fences by a good twenty feet. We got out of the inning on a drop third strike out. The game was 2-1 Portland in the bottom of the 6th inning. We tied the game up on a double by Jonathan that scored George. There was a peculiar situation. The game was tied and the time limit had ran out. The official rule was to have the last team that was leading in a full inning. We realized that the winning team was us because Sven had hit in the winning run. Unfortunately, B.M.C had knocked us out of the championship so the tournament ended after the Portland game. 

The tournament had ended, but there was still three more tournaments, including one that qualifies us for the Little League World Series.