E3 Breakdown

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E3 Breakdown

Ben, St. John

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E3 was definitely not as exciting as last year, at least for me. We didn’t get any news from starfield (Bethesda), but we did get a new R6 game (quarantine (Ubisoft)), and some ESO Elswyer news (Bethesda). Today, we will be breaking down this years E3, conference by conference.

EA: EA announced some new battlefront stuff (no one cares) and new FIFA/madden games (boooooooring!)

Microsoft: Microsoft announced Halo Infinite and a new Gears of War game (Gears 5). They also talked about their new next-gen console, titled project scarlet, and their cloudgaming service, Xcloud. Oh and keanu reeves announced the new cyberpunk game, and called the fans breathtaking.

Bethesda: Bethesda announced a DLC for Fallout 76 called nuclear winter, which added a battle royale mode (probably the most unoriginal thing you could do at this point), but they also announced something way more exciting: the addition of NPCs to the world. There was also some news on the new Wolfenstien game, Youngblood: it will be released on July 26th.

Ubisoft: Ubisoft announced a new rainbow six game, quarantine, and a new watchdogs game, legion. There is also a new Ghost recon game called breakpoint, and apparently a new cloudstreaming service.

No rockstar unfortunately.

This wraps up E3 for this year. This is also my last article so bye forever! It was really fun being in this class, but I’m also excited to move on.