Baseball Star Shot


Keith Allison

David Ortiz (Big Papi) was shot in a club in the Dominican Republic. He is alive.

Sofia Borges, journalist

You might have not heard the news by now, but former Red Sox player David Ortiz, better known as Big Papi, was shot on June 9. He was shot at a club in the Dominican Republic. He was shot in the back, and the bullet went through his stomach. 


After he was shot, his teammates sent a medical air ambulance. He was sent to a hospital and is still alive. He had to get surgery because his liver, large intestine, and small intestine suffered lesions. When he opened his eyes, he asked to see his family, which meant he is feeling better. “He finds himself in a good state of mind and is waiting to travel to Boston this afternoon to see his personal doctors and his wife,” Dr. Jose Abel Gonzalez, the doctor who treated Big Papi, told CNN News. 


They’re 2 suspects who police think shot Big Papi, one is in custody, and the other is still at large. Police have arrested other suspects after they caught the first one. The person who confessed to shooting Big Papi was a 25 year old man named Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz. According to The New York Times, “A grand jury indicted Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz in connection with two armed robberies in Clifton, N.J., in 2017, according to news release from the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office. “ 


$7,800 was offered to whomever shot Big Papi. No one knows who offered this prize but the police are still looking for the person and the motive.