The New Lacrosse League: PLL (Premier lacrosse League)


Owen Willis, Journalist


On June 1st and 2nd, six teams took the field for the first time. There was so much hype leading up to this past weekend and it lived up to the standards.

In the past months, hours of work have been put in by not only the players but by its staff. It’s interesting some of the staff is the players them selfs. A lot of advertising to grow the sport of lacrosse has happened over the years, but Paul Rabil and his brother, Mike, have really made the sport of lacrosse on the national market by starting this league.

Previously the MLL, Major League Lacrosse, has been the main platform for pro lacrosse players but in the past years, but PLL has become the main platform. All the best players in the world come to play in one place, the PLL. Players like Kyle Harrison, Miles Jones, Paul Rabil, Drew Snider, and many more have come to join this league for the publicity that they will get and the style of play that will be happening through the years of the PLL. This is not the only main difference between the PLL and the MLL, one of the biggest differences is the MLL you have to pay for a subscription to see any of the games being played during the regular and postseason, but the PLL you can see most of the games on NBCSN, which is national TV. This is the biggest stage that pro lacrosse has ever had. Also, all the games are major venues like Gillette stadium and Lincoln financial field. Also, before and during the games there is PLL fanfest. This event is outside the stadium and many festivities going on during this time, there is food, games, and many more fun activities for fans of lacrosse.

All in all, a platform and publicity that the PLL will be getting over the years is a lot bigger and better than the MLL. The publicity of the PLL will increase the number of kids who play it. Kids and adults will be able to watch it during the summers, and overall it would just improve lacrosse’s publicity and grow the sport itself.


Each weekend at the major venue each team will have one game. The 6 teams are Chaos lacrosse club, Whipsnake’s lacrosse club, Redwoods lacrosse club, Chrome lacrosse club, Archers lacrosse club, and Atlas lacrosse club. Like I said before these 6 teams have attracted some of the best players in the world to come to play for one of these teams. They have already had a collegiate draft for the first season where each team got 4 picks from college teams. And I won’t lie to you, college teams are very good, and they have very good coaching, so they will be very prepared to play at the pro level. The pace of play is insane if you watch one of these games. Up and down the field the players run. Some of the teams are based on the transition which is going from defense to office quickly and being able to score on transition. Some other teams are quick through transition but like to slow it down on offense and then like to move the ball around. But no matter what the type of play is the game is never slow. The game is always going and always moving very quickly. This can be the main reason some kids play lacrosse. The best players in the world come to play in this league so you can expect nothing less than a fast-paced and close games with lots of scoring, lots of hits, lots of ground balls and more. We have noticed over the first weekend that one team can get out to five-one, six-one lead this can go away in an instant, these teams are relentless. These teams battle so hard they don’t ever stop going. Again, that can be six-one after the first quarter then can be ten-nine at the half. Momentum can shift quickly.

This shows that clearly, the PLL will have the best teams in the world with the best players all coming together for multiple weekends over the summer to battle it out.


The PLL is not all about the players, it’s all about growing the sport of lacrosse. It’s all about getting kids involved, and one whey they do this is PLL Academy and the PLL players tour. Before Paul Rabil started the PLL every year he had a tour called the Rabil tour. This attracted many kids from areas all over the country to go to their local Rabil tour. Someone must have thought, Hey, Rabil tour was so successful and so many kids were able to build lacrosse skills in one day, why don’t we do a PLL players tour. So, they did, they started having players tours all over the East Coast, and it worked out great. They had PLL players tours for the defenseman, attackmen, and everyone else. That’s not the only thing they did, during the summer there are 3 different camps that only happen once, the PLL Academy. They have the PLL offensive overnight, the PLL defensive overnight, and the PLL 30 for 30 overnight. These 3 camps are overnight camps in 3 different locations in the US. They’re overnights that help you focus on skills for the specific position you play. The players from the PLL are the coaches, you might think they won’t show up to the camp, but the players put a lot of time and effort into planning this camp for the kids. Like I said before this league is not just for the players, it is also for the kids. Select players want the kids to have their best possible time at this camp.

As we can clearly see, the PLL will provide many more opportunities for pro lacrosse players, and also the kids wanting to get more involved in the sport.