Blaine Varsity Volleyball Wins Championship

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Blaine Varsity Volleyball Wins Championship

Gabrielle Ott, Journalist

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This year, none of the Blaine sports teams won a championship. But this Spring, the Blaine Varsity volleyball team took home the first place trophy.

On Saturday, June 8th the team went into the playoffs tournament seated at 3rd place. They played their first game against TOPS, whom they lost to in their first game of the season. The team lost the first set, won the second, and barely won the third. This moved them to the championship game against Salmon Bay, who beat Louisa Boren STEM. Salmon Bay was seated in fourth place, and STEM was seated at first.

Going into the championship game, the team was super nervous but excited. Blaine took an early lead, and won the first set. Unfortunately, they lost the second game. For their final set, they were determined to win. The eighth graders on the team said that they had to win, because it was their last ever Blaine sports game. Keeping their heads in the game, the team got an early lead, and the winning point was Salmons Bay’s missed spike. When they got their final point, the entire team was screaming and laughing. This was an amazing moment for most of the players, one they will never forget. Congratulations to the 2019 Blaine Varsity champions!

The 2019 Varsity Roster:

Coach: Melissa Nasif

Captain: Maggie Jones

Nina Aziz

Madeleine Koenig

Taiya Fletcher

Shea Deskins

Ava Nielsen

Ava Babcock

Kate Herndon

Maile Frankel

Heleine Tu’ihalamaka

Odalis Estevez

Adriana Laufert

Lucy Holman

Gabrielle Ott

Pearl Simpson