Tap Sports Baseball Game Review

Tap Sports Baseball Game Review

Dylan Wallblom and Matt Wesche

 In this article we will talk about the game play of Tap Sports Baseball. First, we will talk about getting better at the game, then, we will talk about the basic game, finally, we will talk about tips and tricks.  


                                                                           BASIC GAME PLAY 

In Tap Sports baseball you tap the screen to hit the ball. The pitcher can pitch different pitches including a change-up, fastball, curve ball, screwball, and knuckle ball, depending on their pitches in real life. You don’t have to pitch or field, but it gives you highlights of the defensive inning. In the offensive inning, you can hit singles, doubles, triples, or even home runs. You also sometimes have the option to steal or tag up from any base. At the end of each inning it allows you to auto-play the next inning which is helpful if you are short on time.  


                                                                           GETTING BETTER 

In the game you can level up your players to get better, if you upgrade your players that makes it’s easier to win games.  you can earn the extra points points by playing games and opening crates.  You can get a free player by going to my legend and selecting a legend, you can upgrade him and get him to capped, which means that you can’t upgrade him anymore.  This also works for any player.  In your team you can  



                                                                           TIPS AND TRICKS 

  • You can look at stats to help you change your order. 
  • Entering a club can help you gain rewards and club XP.  
  • You can donate club XP to earn club boxes. 
  • If you open packs in the shop, you can trade in your draft picks for more XP. 
  • Enjoy the gifts that the game gives you.  
  • Once you reach the silver tier, you can upgrade your team even more than your basic upgrading.