The Notre-Dame Fire

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The Notre-Dame Fire

Ella Colonne, Journalist

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The fire of Notre-Dame, April 15th, 2019, was one of the saddest moments ever. When a famous church broke out in a horrible and catastrophic fire beneath the roof, of a famous cathedral in Paris.  A church that was a big part of Paris, people had to watch it destroy itself, in front of their eyes. All the fear and sadness will never end, for the Notre-Dame fire. Some people don’t mind, while most are offering almost too much, money to help fix the church. People are offering all this money because, the repair is about eight billion dollars!

The church was 850 years old. Officials say the two bell towers might be saved. The fire rose to the roof of the cathedral as it destroyed, all the stained-glass windows and wooden interior, before even making it the spire. As 500 firefighters stopped one of the two bell towers from collapsing, they had saved the main structure. The fire hasn’t stopped yet, and the famous cathedral was in great danger as it, was also not very stabilized, to begin with. While all this nonsense is happening, people surround the church observing the flames in silence. Once they’ve had enough of the tragedy, they all start to sing. They all start to sing, songs that they would sing and/or learned in the Notre-Dame.

These next bullets are going to be all about fun facts, including the beautiful cathedral. (To take a big step away from all this tragic information.)

-Notre-Dame is one of the largest religious buildings in the world!

-The church was designed in the goth like fashion.

-1,300 trees were chopped down for the churches roof! (Totally saving the trees over here.)

-There is a temple of Zeus that lies beneath the cathedral.

People are saying they will rebuild this church as it, symbolizes Paris. With all, the beauty, can’t be destroyed. The people who love and worship the church, can’t be let down. Many experts are promising much but, will all this happen? It does take a lot of planning, money, and much time, to make a cure and solve the situation. It’s not all that easy but, they say they will rebuild the church and make sure it’s more stabilized. I believe so, that they will, do as they say. It is a huge tourist attraction, and means lots to it’d home, France. “As for this church must not be left like this. We will all work together to rebuild and now protect Notre-Dame,” Jean-Claude Gallet states.