The End of the World, Air Pollution


cure air pollution

Alex Davis, Journalist

Unbreathable air. Uninhabitable land. Undrinkable water. Imagine all this and it will become true within (about) 20 years if we don’t do anything about air pollution.  

Air pollution is solid particles and gases mixed together in the air. This is caused by chemicals from factories, car emissions, dust, and many more human caused problems.  Some people understand the dangers of air pollution, but many take it for granted. Air pollution has gone so far that 9 out of 10 now breath polluted air. This kills 7 million people every year. This terrible problem will not only affect our future, but it is currently affecting our present. Air pollution is amazingly hard to escape. It is all around us, hurting us little by little. Damaging our lungs, heart, brain. It goes deep into our circulatory system and respiratory system. This is the kind of thing that deeply damages our health. 

You may not bother to read more or care about air pollution, but I am trying to tell you how serious this has gotten! We continue to work on technology that “will approve our lives” but it won’t matter if we can’t breathe! Soon enough the equator will be untouchable and not long later more things will be uninhabitable! Air pollution also contributes to climate change. Particles that are smaller than 10 micrometers pose an even higher health risk and can be breathed deeply into the lungs and possibly crossing the bloodstream. Just some minor problems with air pollution are sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, headaches, and dizziness. Yep, this probably happened to you. Based on scientific information the Earth will be ruined in approximately 20 years because of air pollutionThis is not something your generation will pass by. Having a destroyed Earth because of humans is not something you want for your or anybody’s future. Even the richest people alive can’t escape this. If we met the goals of the “Paris agreement to combat climate change” we could save about a million lives a year by 2050 just by reducing air pollution alone! The health burden of the polluting energy sources is so high that moving to cleaner and more sustainable sources could pay for transport and food systems. No visible pollution doesn’t imply the air is healthy. Both cities and villages are seeing pollutant toxics in the air exceed the average annual values! Air pollution is truly the end of earth!