Break-Dancing, The Olympics Newest Sport!


Sofia Borges, Journalist

In the 2024 Summer Olympics, a new sport will be introduced to the games. That sport is Break-Dancing. This has been decided to make the Olympics more appealing to the younger fans. The Youth Olympic games have already added Break-Dancing, or Breaking as it will be known as during the games, to add excitement to the new sport 

People who compete in Breaking are called B-Boys and B-Girls. As Japanese B-Boy ShigekixThe bronze medal winner of the Youth Games, told, “Breaking has two elements, one is sports and one is arts. We need the stamina of athletes, but we also need to be artists, and express our feelings.” 

Breaking is very popular among the younger generations of people. France has over 1 million B-Boys and B-Girls, with the US being the only country that has more. 

The International Olympic Committee (I.O.C) recently created new rules so that the host city can recommend new sports to add to the program. These recommendations are only valid for one year. So if one city has a sport in those games, the next city won’t have that sport. Toyko has already taken advantage of this rule for the 2020 Games, proposing karate, surfing, climbing, and skateboarding to name a few.  

The organizers for the 2024 Olympics said that their goal was to include “sports that can be shared on social media, sports that are a means of getting around, forms of expression, lifestyles in their own right, sports that are practiced every day, in the street and elsewhere.” 

Breaking competitions have the competitors go into a square arena one at a time to do their routines.  Sometimes, two competitors have a dance battle. The crowd sits on seats that surround the arena.