A Raise for Education

A Raise for Education

Abby Gallo, Journalist

Did you know that teachers get paid almost 20% less than other professions? Teachers deserve to be paid the same if not more than other jobs. Teachers work just as hard (and some harder) as other people with different careers. Many teachers walk away from their jobs and the main reason is low pay. 

First off, the average pay per year for an elementary teacher is about $53,090 compared to an elevator repairman salary of $76,650. That is about 23,560 dollars less! A lot of teachers had to pay for graduate school and professional training themselves, as well as pay for many of the supplies that studentslike me, use during class time. Many teachers have to get second jobs to support their families as well. This problem affects students too because if their teacher is forced to work a second job during the weekend or school nights, they will not have enough energy or will be too stressed to teach properly.  

Another reason teachers should be paid more is that education should be a top priority in our country. By paying teachers less shows that we do not value schooling as much as we should. I’m not saying that if people raise the pay of teachers up more, it will automatically attract more people to the job, but it does motivate more college students to become teachers if they receive the pay they can live off of. PDK (Phi Delta Kappa, an association of educators,) Executive Director, William Bushaw said, “I think Americans recognize what an important role teachers play in shaping future generations, and as a result, see the need for increasing teacher salaries,” which means that we should recognize the importance of teachers in our education and give them a raise. 

Although I think teachers deserve a salary increase, there is another side to this argument. Some people say that if you raise teacher pay, it will decrease the quality of the teachers because some people will only be attracted by the money. Also, if we raise the pay for teachers that are already working, it could lower the quality of how they teach and maybe even affect how much students would learn. 

Those may be strong arguments, but another reason we should raise teacher pay is for how they work. You might think that being a teacher is an easy job, but it is not. Think about it. You must have so much patience and control the troublemakers of the class. You always have to silence the class and answer all the questions kids have. You need to have everything planned out and if you’re a middle school teacher you must plan out schedules for multiple classes. These teachers earned their right to be paid more.  

So, in conclusion, I think that teachers have earned the right to be paid more due to many reasons. I hope you agree with me after reading this article!