Random Quotes From Ms. Boswell’s With No Context


Lilliana Wald, Journalist

Classrooms are a place of learning, an environment where students can share their thinking and be supported by their peers. But sometimes, it doesn’t always work as well as it should. So I put together a list of quotes from my LA class.

“That gives me some Jackson Melton vibes,”

“I need you to yell at me,”

“I ran out [of cheez-its],”

“I already got custody,”

“Meilee, you better not touch her weenis,”

“I showered last night and after I was like ‘wow I’m so proud of myself,’”

“The savage life chose me,”

“Sometimes you make me giggle. Other times you make me want to hit myself,”


“I literally haven’t eaten in like 5 years,”

“I explained that really badly,”

“I’m pregnant. And I’m having the baby right now, help me,”

Literally didn’t say anything but did Tik Tok dances the entire class.

“Wow I feel attacked,”  

“I’m gonna talk to you- no I’m not gonna talk to you,”


“I can’t go to Science after this (Why?) Cause Science makes me want to cry,”

“*puts up a vape/juul poster in the middle of class,*”

“(Don’t cry.) I wanna sob!”




These are almost all from different people. See if you can guess who said it!