Washington Huskies Basketball Review


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Tate Livingston and Dylan Wallblom

0-16, that’s what the Huskies thought when they faced the California Golden Bears. Clearly, they reconsidered their thought after they saw the Cal fans storming the court. The final score was 76-73. After their loss at Cal, the Huskies traveled 31.36 miles to Maples Pavilion home of the Stanford Cardinal. They took the win against the Cardinal by the score 62-61.  

We recently attended a press conference for the Washington Huskies. We asked coach Mike Hopkins about the week they just had. Take note that this conference was before the Huskies played Oregon State, and Oregon. But there is some interesting stuff that the coach said that we want to share with you. We also want to talk to you about this Huskies basketball team. 

These last couple of games against Oregon and Oregon State did not work out entirely in the Huskies favor. Mike Hopkins said, “You’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to execute”. Unfortunately, that did not happen in all the games. We will first talk about their game against Oregon State. The Huskies won this game, but many will argue that it should have worked out better for the Huskies. They won 81-76 in one overtime. Now at the time, Oregon State was the 3 seed in the Pac-12, but the Pac-12 is not very good compared to other conferences. We personally believe, along with other people that the Huskies should not have gone to overtime and should have won by a lot more. So, this is technically a win for the Huskies, but through most eyes, it is more like a tie. 


The next game the Huskies played was against Oregon. The Huskies lost this game 55-47. Now if we said that the first game was bad this was even worse. Oregon was even lower in the Pack-12 than Oregon State. Also, unlike the Oregon State game, the Huskies LOST. Now, a lot of people believe that if the Huskies don’t win the Pac-12 tournament then they might not go to March Madness. We believe that this loss might confirm it. But this might not be true. Also, the Huskies are 1 seed in the Pac-12 tournament, so they have good odds. 


This Husky team has a chance to make the “Big Dance” aka the March Madness tournament, which is a first for all these seniors on this team. We asked senior forward Noah Dickerson about this, “Great. That’s something you play for every year and I haven’t had a chance to experience that. So, having a chance at it this year is awesome, especially it being my last year.” as you saw he is very excited about this chance very few people have.  

Hopefully, the Huskies will do well in the Pac-12 tournament and move into the “Big Dance” full steam. Today, the Huskies play USC, who is 8 seeded in the Pac-12 tournament. Best of luck to Mike Hopkins, Noah Dickerson, and the Huskies for the rest of the Pac-12 tournament and the March Madness.