Elephants Can Stay Around For The Lovely Sound!

Amalia Thomas, Journalist

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Don’t we all like the classical music of Beethoven? Do you think of animals when you are listening to it? Probably not, but a lot of these elephants that are old, injured, or handicapped in Thailand, find classical music soothing to listen to.

 Paul Barton played the piano at the elephant sanctuary and surprisingly, an old, blind elephant showed up in front of him.“I wondered whether soothing classical music could play a part in rehabilitating elephants that have stressful lives,” Barton says. You could imagine an elephant coming right up to you would be frightening, but at the same time, incredible! The elephant was eating breakfast when it heard music for the very first time. As Barton played the piano, the elephant curled its trunk and held the tip trembling in his mouth until the music was over. The elephant felt really calmed. Sadly, it died from infection. But I think that the elephant had a great rest of its life by listening to the beautiful sound. 

I think that playing the piano is a great way to calm animals with stressful life’s, hard life’s, or just in general. It is a great way for any kind of animal to be happy, because so much of them have not heard it before. There should be more of this at sanctuaries, and other places that hold animals. I think that most people would like to listen to music if they were an animal.  

When you heard the term, “An elephant never forgets,” it’s true. The elephants won’t forget Paul Barton, making their lives spectacular. 

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