Should The U.S Pull Out Of Afghanistan?

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Should The U.S Pull Out Of Afghanistan?

Sebastian Wynn, Co-Editor; Board Member

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The U.S has been fighting in Afghanistan for almost 18 years! It was originally just to get rid of the Taliban, but it has turned into a massive war against many terrorist parties. Public opinion is generally against the war in Afghanistan and according to the Charles Koch university “53 percent of Americans, and nearly 60 percent of military veterans, do not think the United States has a clear strategic objective in Afghanistan. Only 15 percent of all respondents and 23 percent of military veterans said the government does have such objectives. Fifty-one percent of respondents say that it either is time to decrease Afghanistan troop levels or to remove all troops from the country in the next 12 months. Even more Americans feel this way when asked about troop levels over the next five years. Fifty-seven percent of Americans, including 69 percent of military veterans, said they would support a decision by the president to remove all troops from Afghanistan.”( 

NO, “The U.S. was never going to build a flourishing, modern, democratic society in Afghanistan by 2020. Our principal goal was to eliminate Afghanistan as a haven for terrorists to launch attacks against the U.S. In that endeavor, America has largely succeeded.” according to Jeff Smith of the heritage foundation. though not heavy supported by public opinion it is undeniable fact that it is harder for terrorists to survive and plot attacks on us with us military forces there, the big question is that if U.S forces pull out or largely shrink would the Afghan military be able to keep it this way or would the Taliban or other terrorist groups take over once more. 

YES,” Professor Barry Posen of MIT has suggested that a US departure from Afghanistan would energize other countries in the region, like Pakistan, Iran, India, and Russia, to exert themselves to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a failed state.” that is a possibility, but I am not naive. I have zero expectation that if the US and its allies withdrew that somehow the various factions in Afghanistan would get together and create a stable, liberal democratic order.” according to that last quote from a BBC news article. 

in conclusion, we don’t really know what would happen if the U.S pulled out, the only way to really know and if we rashly pulled out troops before conversing with allies. It could go horrible and we could have another 9/11 on our hands in two years, but if we worked with allies and planned it well with the Afghan government and NATO it may go great for the U.S. These are only two of the many ways it can go, and with president, trump talking about fully leaving we may see one very soon. 


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