Once World Killer… Now World Saver?

William Souza-Ponce

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Although most people deny it, the world is being destroyed by humans, and humans aren’t stopping. So, people are trying to make new ways to save the world. And they came up with algae. 

Algae? That’s already a thing! Are you kidding me? 

No, actually. Algae can be transferred into biofuel, and is already fueling the Algaeus, the world’s first algae powered car. It’s a great alternative to fuel and gas, and a great solution to car pollution. It also might be able to power planes, trains, boats, etc. If algae powered cars were mass-produced, then it would move on to planes, then trains, and most vehicles would soon be running on the biofuel of algae. 

So, it can save the world from… what and how exactly? 

Humans are really bad at being good to the environment. Don’t try to deny it, it’s true! We kill plants and animals and cut down entire forests or our own purposes! We also pollute, which is something nothing except for humans do on Earth! Pollution is a MAJOR problem, making catastrophic storms and weather, and killing all sorts of animals- including humans! That worst fire in California’s history last summer? The 3 Polar Vortexes in the world right now? Winter storms Gia, Kia, Lucia, Nadia, and more? The fires in Australia that have been raging for more than a week now? Must I go on?  

You might just think I’m listing some random natural disasters, but I’m actually listing times when Global Warming got to extreme points. Global Warming is literally the Earth getting hotter because of humans. Imagine the pollution that goes up into the atmosphere as a magnifying glass. The more gases that get stuck there, the more concentrated the glass gets. Now imagine the Earth as an ant that a bully is burning with a magnifying glass and the sun. Except in this case, the sun is much closer, so the ant is much hotter. 

But I still don’t get how algae could stop that! 

I’m getting to that. You see, the main thing contributing to pollution is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is what we breath out. We need oxygen, which trees give to us. We breath oxygen in, and breath carbon dioxide out. Carbon dioxide is toxic to us, but trees need it. So we give them carbon dioxide, and they give us oxygen. But when we cut down trees, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, making a thicker magnifying glass and a hotter Earth. Also, here’s the thing: Carbon dioxide is good for trees and plants, but too much, and they die. And when they die, they release more carbon dioxide. Alae, however, eats that carbon dioxide, and absorbs the pollution released into the atmosphere. So, if it were converted into a biofuel, then both vehicle pollution would stop, which is a main contributor to global warming, and the amount of pollution that is already in the atmosphere would start decreasing. 

Great! So when do we start making them? 

It’s not actually that simple. First, you would need all the algae, which would require algae growing pools. If the algae were taken directly out of ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water, then that wouldn’t work, because that would be taking it away from their natural ecosystem. If algae weren’t there, then it would ruin the ecosystems that rely on it, and another ecosystem would be destroyed because of humans. And that would just be another problem. 

Also, there’s the problem of poisonous algae blooms. A group of algae is called a bloom, and some of those blooms are toxic. If we were to use toxic algae, then that would be very deadly, and it would also defeat the entire purpose of algae biofuel. 

And then, there’s the problem of how we would convert the algae into biofuel, since it’s not as easy as other things, like having the idea of an algae powered car. Not to mention where we would get the car that could contain an algae biofuel tank in the hood. But, if there are enough people doing it, then eventually, it will change the world, stopping planes from all that polluting, trains from all that coal use, and cars from all those gases. And I haven’t even mentioned oil leaks that it could stop in boats! Algae biofuel powered vehicles are, no doubt, the future of transportation.  



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