Its All In My Head

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Its All In My Head

Serophina Ouyoumjian, Journalist

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Dear Diary  2018 January 16 


Hi. I don’t really know what else to say. I just got you today on January 16, 2018. My name is Eleanore, and I am 22 years old. My birthday is January 16, so I got you for my birthday. Pretty exciting. Uh, geez, I feel like I should be putting more in you, but I just don’t have much to say. Dunno if I’ll be writing in you every day, but I’ll try to be consistent. My bed is calling me, so I’m gonna sleep now. Not sure what people put in their diary to end the page, so I’ll just put, umm, till tomorrow. Yeah, that’ll work. Until tomorrow! 


Dear Diary – 2018 January 17 


Today I saw the strangest thing. It was a flower that looked like it was dancing. Now I know you will say it was probably just the wind, but there was no wind! Well, maybe there was. Looking back, I’m not sure anymore. I could have sworn it was dancing though. I don’t know. Until tomorrow! 


Dear Diary  2018 January 18  


I don’t really have anything to say. No gossip or secrets or anything. Sorry. Until tomorrow? 


Dear Diary – 2018 January 20 


Sorry, I completely forgot to tell you about my day. Well, there wasn’t much to tell, but I still feel bad. I’ll try to be better about it. Until tomorrow. I promise.  


Dear Diary  2018 January 23 


Still nothing new. I know I forgot to write for a while again.  Now I’m just wasting paper and time. I’ll write every other day. Then I’m sure I’ll have something to tell. I guess I’ll need something new to say at the end of the passage. How about, uh, hmm I just don’t know. How about, I’ll see you after tomorrow. Yeah, I like that. I’ll see you after tomorrow! 


Dear Diary – 2018 January 25  


I finally have something to tell you about! I went to a party last night, and someone gave me a cup of something. Not sure what it was, but it was SO GOOD! I just want more and more, ugh, it’s all I can think about! I’m going back to try and get some more. See you after tomorrow.  


Dear Diary  2018 28 


They told me the special drink was water, but I don’t believe them! I even went to the doctor to see if they could do a test to see what it was. They did it, and even the doctors said its water! I’ve had water before, and it was not as glorious as that. I don’t know what happened that night, but I am determined to find the special drink.  


Dear Diary – 2018 January 30 


My best friend says I’m acting weird, but she’s the one who was being weird. She said I kept on repeating my sentences over and over again, but I would know if I were. I know for a fact I wasn’t. She was so sure that I was, I’m a little worried about her. I’ll see you after tomorrow.  


Dear Diary – 2018 February 2 


My mom came to visit today. She had a beautiful dress on, fit for a queen. I don’t know where she got it or how she paid for it, but she did. It looked amazing. The fabric was so soft, when I reached out to touch it, it was like it wasn’t even there. My mom claims she wasn’t wearing a dress, but I think she was embarrassed because I was giving her so many compliments.  


Dear Diary – 2018 February 7 


After I told my mom how pretty her dress was, she took me to the doctor. I told her I didn’t need to go, that I was fine, but she didn’t believe me. She took me anyway. The doctor asked me about the special drink after I told him of it. He asked my mom about her pretty dress. He said that he couldn’t tell if anything was wrong with me, so I went back home. I know nothing is wrong with me. Right? 


Dear Diary – 2018 February 18 


There has been reports of break-ins everywhere. Almost every house on the block has been robbed. All over the city people have been reporting sightings of alien like creatures that seem to be linked with the pattern of robberies. The thing that really scares me is that I think I saw one. Well, I’m not sure if it was one of them, but this man was watching me. He was really tall and his skin looked pink. He was unsettling. He scares me.  


Dear Diary – 2018 February 26 


I saw my best friend put her skin on! I went to her house so I could tell her about the man, but I walked in and she was putting her skin on. Underneath the skin was pale pink, and she was much taller. She’s a freak. She’s not my friend. None of them are. I locked myself in my room where they can’t hurt me.  


Dear Diary – 2018 March 5  


Someone came and broke my door down. They gave me a jacket that keeps my arms bound tight to my sides. They put me in a room with beds all over the walls. I think it’s to protect me from all the crazies outside. They’re out to get me. They want blood. They want my blood. They’re all the crazy ones. Not me. Not me at all, no no no. They kept the jacket on me so I’m writing with the pen between my teeth and my fingers in my ears because they ask me if I’m ok every day even though I should be asking them that because they’re not ok. They’re crazy.  


Dear Diary – 2018 March 28 


There are voices in my head all the time now and I tell them to stop but they don’t they ever stop. There are people outside. They think I’m crazy. They’re the crazy ones. They’re the crazy ones. It’s them. They’re the crazy ones. It’s all in their heads.