Kerbal Space Program Game Review

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Kerbal Space Program Game Review

Ben St. John, Site Moderator

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Ever wanted to explore space, build rockets, control satellites, and watch things explode? Kerbal Space Program is the game for you! In Kerbal Space Program, you are tasked with exploring the vast expanse of the universe, constructing the vehicles that will do that for you, and then flying and maneuvering those vehicles to and from their destinations. It’s a lot more complicated than that, so I shall elaborate.


The first thing you see when you launch the game is a set of loading screens which contain goofy pictures and “witty loading hints”. Once you load in and click ‘start game’, you will be prompted with three options for gamemode: career, science, and sandbox. Career is where you manage funds and “science” (KSP’s version of XP points. More on this later) for your space program, along with rocket building and flying. Science mode is like Career, but you don’t have to worry about money. In Sandbox, you don’t have to worry about money or science, you can just build and fly rockets.


One thing I really like about this game is its ties to math and science. This game does a really good job in the realism department not in the graphics department, but instead in the physics. For example, if you were to send a rocket that’s not very aerodynamic through the atmosphere, drag will be slowing it down. If you have a large payload, you want to add boosters with a larger amount of thrust to increase the thrust/weight ratio enough so you get far enough away from gravity for your engines to be effective. These are some of the ways science and math tie into KSP.


Another thing that is great about KSP is the community. On the KSP subreddit, ( you will find everything from delta V maps (change in velocity), mods, and weekly challenges, to videos of SSTOs (single stage to orbit), Ultra-Direct launches (the launch vehicle doesn’t park in orbit around any planet), vehicles made with three parts sent to Duna (mars) and back, and single ton launches to Minmus (kerbin’s(earth) second moon). Aside from all those things, you can also get help on something that you are stuck on like getting into orbit and getting to the moon (for new players) to docking, recreating famous space missions, and building rovers. That’s why the community for this game is so good.


I mentioned how you could find mods on the forum, and this is another good thing: You can mod KSP! On the website, you can find mods from extra large engines, SpaceX parts, and historical rockets, to mods like Kerbal Engineer and MechJeb which provide the player information such as thrust/weight ratio, specific impulse, Δv, cost, and tons more. The only catch is that mods aren’t available on console versions of the game, which sucks for all the Xbox users out there.


There is a DLC available for the game, and its called the Making History Expansion. It’s main selling point is the mission builder. The mission builder is basically a level editor, in which you drag and drop events into a timeline like environment and connect them. You can add dialogue, malfunctions, parameters, and lots more. It also adds historical parts so you can recreate certain spaceships like the Saturn V.


Overall, there really isn’t anything negative to say about this game except for a few bugs and glitches I haven’t run into, so I give this game a 98 out of 100. Hopefully you agree. Thanks for reading!