Super Bowl

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Super Bowl

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The teams left in the NFC are,                      The teams left in the AFC are,

1.Eagles                                                         1.Colts

2.Saints                                                          2.Chiefs

3.Cowboys                                                     3.Chargers

4.Rams                                                          4. Patriots


Tates Pick: I think in the Saints and Chargers will be in the Superbowl. I think that the Saints will win. I think this because the Saints have the best quarterback in the league, a really good defense, and a great offense to support Drew Brees.


Jacob’s Pick: Personally I think in the NFC Championship It will be the Eagles and the Cowboys. Then in the AFC Championship it will be the Chiefs and the Patriots. I am predicting that the Eagles will win that game and the Chiefs will win that. So in the Super Bowl I have the Eagles and the Chiefs, with the Philadelphia Eagles winning the whole thing.


Zach’s Pick: I think in the Rams and Chiefs will be in the Super Bowl. I think that the Rams will win. I think this because the Rams have the best running back in the league, a really good quarterback, and a great coach to help that.


So there is no things that are really in common, that’s the beauty of it because there is no clear winner. Also, we have no way of knowing, so we just wait to see what turns out.