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Week 9

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This week’s featured pet is…

Norsel is a 6 year old American Shorthair, his owner is Kate Herndon.

Today we are interviewing Kate Herndon about her relationship with her pet and how she felt when she got the news!


Q: How did you feel when you got the news?

A: “Very excited.”


Q: What is Norsel’s favorite activity?

A: “Napping.”


Q: Who’s is Norsel’s favorite in the family?

A: “Me.”


Q: Does Norsel have any siblings? If so, who?

A: “He did, but he died. His name was Lucky.”


Q: Does Norsel like dogs?

A: “Not that I know of.”


Q: Where did Norsel come from?

A: “Atlanta, Georgia.”


Q: Does Norsel have any nicknames?

A: “He has a lot of nicknames, Coon, Wagger, and Skoo, to name a few.”


Q: Does Norsel watch movies? If so, does he have any favorites?

A: “Sometimes he sits on the couch while we’re watching a movie, but he doesn’t have any favorites.”


Q: What is Norsel’s favorite place to hang out?

A: “Under the couch.”


Q: What is your funniest memory with Norsel?

A: “When he was really young, like 4 years old. He got stuck in the wall of the house and we had to cut open the wall to help him get out.”


Bonus Info: He’s really lazy and lovable. He is nice to everyone except for the cat bullies.




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