Arms Game Review

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The Paw Press Game Review 

Entry #6, Arms 

By: Alden McGrath 

Arms is a fun game, but be warned, it is a 12 and up game. The rest of arms is great, and it is like a boxing cartoon. With a giant array of arms to choose from and a bunch of characters with special powers you punch your way through the enemy, or in some special cases, kick. The main thing that you do is called the Grand Prix, which is where you pick a character and go up against the other fighters. There are ten rounds and almost all of them are punching, except two. Those two are randomly decided between the hoops game, the target practice game, and the volleyball game. If you don’t feel like doing that, there are other options, like training and party battles, most of which are online. 

Arms got an 82 on my 100-point test, but if you played it, you would think it was better if you played it though. Of course, it is only for the Nintendo switch, so if you don’t have that then you can’t play. Now I will discuss the many strategies to arms. Each character uses a certain strategy. Heavies like Master Mummy and Mechanica use big weapons that go slow, but, if they hit, they deal a lot of damage. Another type is the Flyers, though they don’t really fly. They stay in the air for a long time and have powerful shields, like Ribbon Girl and Twintelle. The final type are called the Quicklings, and they run around and have weapons that attack a lot or act like boomerangs. These are fighters like Spring Man and King Cobra (a personal favorite). There are others like, Stretchy and Grabbers, but those are kind of self explanatory.